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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Loretta Kakala impressive in Nashville -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Another one to (literally) look up to for Jeff Walz's Louisville women's basketball. 2017 prospect Loretta Kakala was in Nashville over the weekend playing in the Nike EYBL events. The word is she dominated in Music City with Jeff Walz on hand to see her play. 

She was the first to commit for the 2017 class and there's a lot to like about the Manteca, CA rising senior. 

Ranked 21st. overall by Prospects Nation and 26th. by ESPN...she averaged 16 points and 8.5 rebounds as a junior...despite a couple of injuries during the season. She's also the #2 ranked post in the class of 2017. She'll sign in November. 

What kind of game will she bring to Louisville? The first thing you notice is how soft her shot/touch is in the paint. She's an aggressive rebounder that dominates inside on both ends of the court and can initiate the fast break...running the court with speed. 

Louisville edged out a slew of west coast schools for her services...Arizona State, UCLA, Washington, Utah, California and San Diego State, just to name a few. 

Walz adds another impressive and tall front-court producer to a line up that has more height than any other previous teams under his tutelage at Louisville. 

She's also the first Loretta to ever play basketball for Louisville...for you trivia buffs. 

A couple of years ago, one of the most common comments we were getting from our readers was that Walz needed to recruit more height. 

How do you like him now...with six players 6'2" or taller on campus and more on the way? 

No fear of heights, indeed, within the Louisville women's basketball brain-trust. The Cards are 'moving on up' terms of the tape measure and the view is just fine up there in that rarefied air. 



  1. Coach Walz and the staff do a great job recruiting the best available players out there.Go cards!

  2. No doubt Paulie! With Johnson, Shook, Dunham, Fuehring, Hines-Allen and Walton Louisville is impressive in the paint. Add Jazmine Jones, who can jump out of the gym and Moore who gets her fair share of rebounds at 4.7 which was third best on the squad and the Cards should dominate the GLASS IN 2016-17.

    Nick O.

  3. When does the updated lady cards women's basketball roster gets posted?

  4. Courtney Walton and Taylor-Johnson will be like coaches on the floor really good senior and fifth year leadership.

    1. Good point. I am big Taylor Johnson believer. She gives Walz peace of mind he didn't have all last year cause he too often knew what he was goiing to get from point guard - inexperience and inconsistency. We still had an impressive season considering how bad we were at pg. Transfers are becoming more important part of a team. Look at UConn. Saved their chances of competing for a couple more championships with two transfers this offseason Duke coach was right - talent was low - though not classy at all for her to make public comments

  5. Oops cortnee walton

  6. For Walz to go into California and get Kakala says a lot about the program. Cal is in her backyard and PAC 12 bball is better than ever . UCLA and Washington and AZ State are up and coming programs. Walz and staff did a great job plucking her out of Cali

  7. This reminds me Cal's Lindsey Gottlieb didn't want Mariya and instead got the #10 and #12 players in 2014 class that year . Mariya has turned out to be a better college player than both.

  8. South Carolina is huge transfer school of late. Incoming primarily.


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