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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Bonus Post - An Update on 502 Softball Academy

We try to keep up to date on some of the achievements of former student athletes at UofL because there are so many that are accomplishing so much.  One accomplishment that we have covered in the past was the opening of 502 Softball Academy here in Louisville.  Opened as a venture by Katelyn Mann and Alicja Wolny, this indoor batting facility in the Lyndon was a gutsy step of entrepreneurship for the two California transplants to Louisville by way of the University of Louisville Softball squad.

I dropped in at the facility a few months ago just to see how things were going and found Mann hard at work, of course.  She informed me that business was going great, and the organization was looking to relocate, in order to have more space available to increase the number of batting "cages" (they're nylon rope mesh, so "cage" isn't exactly the right word, here).  While that relocation has not yet happened, I did get news this week that Mann has been able to take the step of resigning from her "9-5 jobs" and for 502 Softball Academy and her other teaching and coaching opportunities to be her full financial support.  In her Instagram post, Mann said, "now I am able to give my whole heart to my girls and the facility."

This is a big step for Mann and the 502 Softball Academy, and it has been a joy to watch the development of this local establishment, created and driven by Louisville Softball alumnae.  Congratulations Mannie and we're still cheering for you as you continue to make an impact, both on Mr. Spalding and the local economy.

-- JMcA

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