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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Women's WUGS escape against Australia 79-78


- Bradford's follow allows USA to reach final vs. Russia

Crystal Bradford. Who knew?
She was the girl who made the USA Women's basketball World University Games squad that caused us to raise our eyebrows and wonder aloud here at CARDINAL COUPLE. Was a guard from Central Michigan really better than Bria Smith?

What could she add to a team that had Bria Hartley, Odyssey Sims, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, Ariel Massengale and Shoni Schimmel already in the backcourt.

Turns out, she sent USA to the finals against Russia with a follow-up of her own miss with 14 seconds to put the USA WUGS ahead for good in a game that seemed to be wrapped up for the Americans with seven minutes left in the final quarter and a 71-54 lead.

Meet Crystal Bradford.

Bradford tells the story of the final basket:

"We had an offense that was already set up with a play but we didn't execute it, so at this point we started cutting. I saw that if I cut, I would be open. When I got the ball, it was time to go. I sidestepped and saw I was open. I thought my first shot was going in, so I didn't expect to get the rebound, but it came off and I grabbed the rebound. I knew I had to go up strong. I didn't even want to shoot free throws. And I went up, and I made it an I was excited."

Sims drives to the hoop with the stagger of a
drunken sailor on shore leave.
The final fourteen seconds provided their own drama. Aussie Marianna Tolo took a close-in jumper with eight second left on the clock. It rolled off. Odyssey Sims apparently had the rebound but a jump ball was called, Australia had "the arrow" and one more chance. "Toto" took another jumper. Another miss. Another Sims rebounds and game over.

"Toto" became the wicked witch in the final seven minutes
for the Aussies.
Key fact: Aussie "big" Marianne Tolo only played 21 minutes because of foul trouble. She was instrumental for them down the stretch in erasing the USA lead in the final quarter. Still, 16 points and seven boards. Give her five more minutes on the court and Team USA is playing for the bronze instead of the gold Monday.

Eight points in the final seven minutes for a USA squad that trailed at halftime. Missed opportunity galore...including  a missed free throw by Bradford with 54 second left that would have tied it.

Sheri's hairstyle for the WUGS games
nowhere as nice as this photo.

No, this one wasn't pretty and hats off to an Aussie team that never gave up and gave USA all they wanted in the first quarter with leads of 17-6 and 20-13. But, you survive and advance with a few breaks and Sherri Coale's team gave Odyssey Sims a happy 21st. birthday gift an a date Monday night with powerful Russia.

Plaisance a def baller!
Sims led USA with 20 points. Hartley added 14, Mosqueda-Lewis 12 (with 11 rebounds) and Theresa Plaisance chipped in 10. Bradford ended up with nine.

And Shoni Schimmel? Goose eggs. Never took the warmup off. All we can do is wonder why...she didn't appear to be injured and all of the 11 other girls on the squad saw action. Controversy between her and Coale? It was disappointing to see her anchored to the bench the entire time when the USA's other guards weren't exactly burning the nets up. USA shot 38.9% for the game (28-72) and couldn't seem to buy a three-pointer for most of the contest.

I'm calling you out, Ms. Coale. Zero minutes for Shoni and just one minute for Reshanda Grey of California, an awesome defenser and rebounder? Letting a 17 point lead flush down the toilet? Getting outrebounded by eight? Can we get Geno, Walz or Doug Bruno on a flight to Kazan?

Will the "no-Sho" saga continue Monday?
Nevertheless, Shoni has a chance to get a gold medal if USA can turn the tables on a very strong, talented and disciplined Russian squad.

Game time is 1:30 p.m. Monday on ESPNU and we can only hope that they find two announcers to call it that actually know a little something about basketball. The chimp and princess who handled the USA vs. Australia on-air duties for "the U" Saturday must have been attending their first-ever basketball game.

Another reason why Jeff, Jenny and I need a play-by-play gig in women's sports. We can determine why the clock has stopped, who committed the foul and read jersey numbers pretty accurately.

Whatever. GO USA!


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  1. Sheri Coale is a horrible situation coach. How can you not come up with a effective way to guard an inbounds play?

  2. Not pleased with how Shoni is being treated at all. There's no doubt she's hard to handle but no minutes. Really?

    I guess maybe it just shows how well Waltz has handled her and probably the positive effect of having Jude around to help keep her going kinda in one direction. Trust me when I say that if Jude hadn't been around for the last couple years it would have been a different story for Shoni.

    In any case its all good. Shoni doesn't play for an Okie when it matters to Card Nation.

  3. I'm wondering if shoni is injured. She never looked like she expected she might get into the game. I would play her ahead of ellenberg and massingale

  4. So, tongue in cheek and hoping she gets mucho minutes against Russia,,,here's the top ten reasons she sat the bench against the Aussies:

    10) Lost in Sherri's Coale pre-game Russian Roulette contest.
    9) Couldn't pronounce "shooter" and "screen" in Russian.
    8) USA decided a close contest with horrible outside shooting might improve TV ratings for Monday night.
    7) Jersey didn't come back from the cleaners in time.
    6) First one out in paper, rock, scissors game with other gusrds on squad.
    5) Coale had flashbacks of semifinal lost to Louisville in 2009. Couldn't play her without going nuts.
    4) Someone had to keep tab on assistant coach Bryan Giorous' twinkies stash.
    3) New rule by Coach Coale that girls with first names starting in "S" or "T" would sit out against teams that started with an "A".
    2) Geno! He's everywhere...
    1) Saving her energy for the borscht, cavier and potatoes buffet immediately following the game.


    1. Paulie, you're not right. Well done, sir

  5. Now That's Funny. Nice Job!


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