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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Hoops and WUGS


- A Granny's Got Game update

- Plenty of WUGS action to be televised


Last year our writer Sandy Walker gave us news about senior women's basketball and the accompanying National Tournaments games the gals play. Although Sandy is on sabbatical, we got a nice e-mail from Angela Alford, who is the Director/Producer of Granny's Got Game.


Hi, Guys!

Last year, your site featured an article on my documentary film "Granny's Got Game" about a senior women's basketball team here in North Carolina. The article also mentioned the Louisville Survivors team and their hopes to go to Nationals in Cleveland.

I'd want to let the Louisville Survivors and all your readers know that the film is finished and has been well-received. In fact, we will be screening the film in a one-night movie event in Cleveland during the National Senior Games on Monday, July 29th. I'd love to meet some Louisville fans and hope some can attend. Here's the details:

If people can't make it to the screening, but would like to see the film, they can sign up for our newsletter on our website:


Thank you for spreading the word about this inspiring story that proves we are never too old to do what we love!

(No, thank you...Angela...for showing us that dreams, aspirations and hopes are just as strong at 65 as they are at 15. We are fans. Keep us in the loop!)



It loos like those wrasically WUGS are we-writing the ESPN schedule in July. The Four-Letter network plan on showing 115 live hours of the 27th. edition of the Summer Universiade. Forty hours includes the USA WUGS in men's and women' hoops, beach volleyball, track and field and even water polo. Almost five days worth of total coverage in hours. A nice start.

Here's what gets us. Straight from ESPN'S mouth:

"Should the U.S. women's basketball team advance in pool play, the semifinal game will be broadcast live on ESPNU on July 13th and the gold medal game is scheduled for July 15th on ESPNU..."

Point 1#  ESPNU? Really, ESPN? You can show some guy stuffing hot dogs down his throat at a sickening rate on ESPN but the stars of tomorrow are regulated to ESPNU?
Shame, shame...

Point#2  The USA women's WUGS in hoops have to advance to the semis before you'll condescend to showing them on your third rate network option? What...bowling or curling got priority here? Thanks for being red, white and blue...ESPN. Who the head of the Politboro there these days? Nikita or Stalin? And, do you have any doubt that WBB WUGS Style WON'T get there?


And people ask me why I bash ESPN....


We return to the airwaves and Internet meanderings today with the 11 a.m. broadcast of CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR. A good show in the works, with coach and player interviews and expert deliverations and deliberations from my excellent co-hosts Jeff and Jenny. I'm there for the shock effect.

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