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Friday, July 26, 2013


-Cardinal golfers fare well in tournament
-Join us at the Trolly Hop
-Julie Hermann

-1400 and still counting
Louisville women's golfers Emily Haas and Laura Restpo used a strong finishing round to finish second in the 4th. annual Pure Silk Women's Collegiate Team Championship in Columbus, OH. They fired a combined 143 for the lowest score of all 42 teams participating to finish with a 287 total.
The score was five strokes behind MSU's Nagel and Witherby's 282.  
Coming in tied for eighth for the Cards were Katie Petrino and Tara Lyons...shooting a 302 for the three day event.
Yes, news is rather sparse and slow this time of the year when it comes to the reporting on UofL women's sports. While attempting to line up interviews for our Saturday CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR, I discovered that none of the five coaches I was trying to reach were available due to being out-of-town.
It's either that or they've finally gotten tired of me.
Fortunately, we have part two of Jeff McAdams' marathon interview with volleyball head coach Anne Kordes.
The rest of the show? We may just have to wing it...
We'll get updates from Jenny on WBB recruiting and have other topics of interest in addition to a "Believe It or Don't segment and a little quiz for the listeners and my esteemed co-hosts Jeff and Jenny.
We may even send Jeff out on the mean streets of Crescent Hill wearing a sandwich board and soliciting fan reactions.
Don't forget...Friday Night Trolley Hop on Frankfort Avenue tonight! Meet CRESCENT HILL RADIO and CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO personalities at the free event. The station is at 2520 Frankfort Avenue. We'll be hanging listening to the music and making sure the staff chimps don't torment and harass the food wagons that'll be there. We've posted more details on the "Left Side of the Site"
See ya there!
Finally, in an interview with ESPN...former Cardinal hero and current Athletic Director at Rutgers University Julie Hermann announced that she was gay.
Does it really matter?
Given the body of excellent work she's spear-headed and accomplished in her long and illustrious career as a sports administrator and coach, she could be animal, vegetable or mineral as far as we're concerned at CARDINAL COUPLE.
Excellence knows no sexual preference. Good is good.
Julie Hermann is a happy, delightful and knowledgeable spokesman and innovator for college athletics. An absolute joy to be around and engage in conversation. A builder. She'll continue to be. And that, the ways she should be viewed, judged and remembered...because they are the traits that have made so many happy and successful.  
Julie is gay. Russ Smith is short. Sara Hammond is strong.

Shoni Schimmel is electrifying. Alicja Wolny punishes a softball with a bat. Tom Jurich is married. Jeff Walz stutters. We love them all. It's the person, folks...not the moniker.

And UofL is better than UK. 


Today's column is the 1400th. in the history of CARDINAL COUPLE. A birthday of sorts, I guess. We've come a long way since that inaugural edition back on Thursday, Jan. 14th. 2010.

It was just Sonja and I when we rolled out the first edition. We've had some great writers since then and I'm very happy with our current lineup of Jenny O' Bryan and Jeff McAdams. I knew neither of them back then. I'm glad I met both.

We didn't have a radio show back then...or media passes. We had virtually no contacts, sources or access to players, coaches or staff either.

Yes, we've come a long way. But the journey has just begun, in our eyes.

Where will we be when we reach 2800 columns? It's hard to

say. One thing we can tell you with all certainy, though is this:

If it bounces, rolls, splashes, gets hit, runs or flies through the air and involves female athletes from the University of Louisville...we'll be covering and talking about it. That's a guarantee.

Thank you for reading and listening to CARDINAL COUPLE !!!

Have a great weekend! 
(who has facial hair and likes the Beatles...)


  1. Keep rollin Paulie. You guys are a part of my daily routine.

    Curtis Franklin

  2. Thank you for the site Paulie and the words about Julie Hermann. She is good people and Cardinal Athletics grew and prospered during her time here, She will do the same at Rutgers.

    --Joe Hill--


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