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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cardinal Couple Tuesday


(Welcome to the Thursday Edition of the Cardinal Couple...wait, that's not right.
Welcome to the Paulie's-on-vacation Tuesday Edition of the Cardinal Couple.
Good luck on getting photos with articles until he returns..)

What's the Word with the WUGs?

You know, if you've been paying any attention to The Cardinal Couple, that Shoni Schimmel is in Kazan, Russia playing for Team USA at the World University Games...or as we've playfully been calling them, The WUGs.

The US women opened play with a Monday evening game against Mali.  Sticking with the "W" alliteration, let's say the US wailed on Mali, with a final score of 120-32.  Bria Hartley, out of UConn led the scoring with a perfect 7 for 7 shooting for 17 points, Cassie Harberts of USC (Southern California) claimed 14 points, Tricia Liston of Duke gets 13, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis also of UConn got 12, and Aaron Ellenberg of Oklahoma chalked up 11.

Let's be honest, though, if you're here on The Cardinal Couple, you want to hear about Shoni.  With 13 points, she certainly earned her spot on the stats sheet, but perhaps even more impressively, she dished out 9 assists.  Sherri Coale credited Shoni's passing and awareness on the offensive transition as well as the team getting more coherence in defense for their success on the floor, which has to make Jeff Walz happy to hear.

The US Women's WUGS team plays The Czech Republic at 8:30pm local time, which is a 12:30pm tip here in the Eastern timezone of the US, 9:30am for our west coast contingency.

What's up with Kellie Young's Twitter Account

Regular readers of The Cardinal Couple, or regular listeners of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour, are well aware that the head coach of the Louisville Lacrosse team, Kellie Young, is a good friend of The Cardinal Couple media empire, but I do have a minor bone to pick with The Keeper of the Crease.

The official twitter account of Louisville Lacrosse is @LouisvilleLax, which makes complete sense.  Coach Young, maintains her own separate account, which is not in itself unreasonable or out of the ordinary, but her twitter handle is @KYlacrosse.  That's not at all confusing, right?  OK, sure, "KY" are her initials, so I understand where it comes from, and the University down the road in Lexington doesn't field a varsity Lacrosse team so there's no real danger of Big Blue Nation finding her account instead of one for a UK team.  But it did take me, someone fairly well versed in using Twitter and more aware of UofL women's athletics than most, a few minutes to figure out that her twitter account was her account versus an account for some other organization supporting Lacrosse in the state of Kentucky.

We love ya, Coach Young, but perhaps you would want to consider if there is another twitter handle that you could use that might be a little less confusing on first glance?

-Jeff McAdams

Where's Paulie?

As I referenced at the top of the article, Paulie is on vacation this week.  He's looking to add to his fruity drink umbrella collection, but I fear he may be a bit disappointed as Gatlinburg isn't exactly known for its fruity drink umbrella variety.

In Paulie's absence, Jenny and I will be picking up an extra article each, this week.  In addition to today, I'll be writing my normal Thursday article.  Jenny will be writing her normal article for tomorrow and will be back for an encore performance on Friday.  Paulie will be back with us with Saturday's article and for our weekly radio romp on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

(Editor's Note: Don't be so sure...I'm digging the woods and the Yuengling. Someone stop by and feed the attack dogs and make sure Bud the Goldfish has fresh water. Now that they've discovered Broadband out here in the forest. all I need now is a couple of chimps and a golf cart...Paulie)

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