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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Cardinal Couple


- WUGS win, Aussies next

- Dunbar on a lot of radars

- Corral stays hot for Mexico WUGS

- Big Wol carrying the hot bat for Great Britian

- Radio Today!

( Paulie is back from the woods! A great time with family and some trout fishing and rest in and really hated coming back...thanks to JEFF and JENNY for carrying the ball in my absence!)

The USA women's basketball WUGS ran over Sweden after a close beginning 103-72. Gotta wonder what is up with Shoni Schimmel...Sheri Coale played her a scant seven minutes (lowest on the team for the game) and she gathered just one assist and no points in the win.

WUGS take on the Aussies today at 1 p.m. Louisville time in semifinal action.


We mentioned Kortney Dunbar a few days ago and her blip on the college recruiting radar is getting bigger all the time. The senior-to-be at Edwardsville, IL and former teammate of Emmonnie Henderson gets a great write-up at the link below. Give it a read. WE love this quote:

"That's why I like talking to Emmonnie. When we went to Louisville as a team for workouts I asked her about the workouts and how she narrowed it down."

Let's hope the conversations continue as teammates beginning in 2014.



(Due to my techinal maladies, the link doesn't take you directly to the article. Just type in Kortney Dunbar in the search engine for the site and it'll show up...)


Charlyn Corral continues to get her kicks with the Mexico WUGS soccer team. She had two goals in Mexico's 3-0 win Thursday over Korea. She has seven goals so far in four matches and is the leading scorer in the entire tournament by two goals over the rest of the WUGS soccer players.  

Mexico faces South Africa in the semifinals Saturday.

Lookin' good for Karen Ferguson Dayes and the UofL Women's soccer team! Keep shooting and scoring Charlyn!


Alicja Wolny may have graduated from Louisville, but she's still swinging the bat like she did for the softball squad last season. In the European Softball Championships, she led Great Britain to the playoffs and helped the squad to fifth place.

In eight games, Wolny hit a blistering .529 and drove in 11 runs while scoring nine. She also drew five walks.

Great Britian finished 6-2 and just missed the opportunity to go to the 2014 World Championships. Their losses came against Russia and Italy.

The Big Wol still has it...we're pretty sure most of Europe will be glad when she gets back stateside...they probably haven't seen a bombardment like that since WWII. 


CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO Saturday morning (today!) at 11 a.m. on Crescent Hill Radio. Since Jeff and Jenny have been running the website most of the week, I'll be leaning heavily on them to get us through the show.

That'll probably please a lot of listeners who think I talk too much on the broadcasts.

Should be fun. Drop in and join us, won't you?




  1. No Schimmel today at all in a 1 point win over Austraila? Is she injured?


    1. I was wondering the same thing. She is either injured or in Coale's doghouse for some reason. Seems like they could have used her today.


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