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Thursday, July 18, 2013

And the award goes to...


(Jeff McAdams brings us the Thursday CARDINAL COUPLE with an awards-oriented theme today. How did the Louisville WBB squad do in Best Upset? Did Coach Pitino capture the Coach award? How about Angel and the WNBA Best Player category? Monitor your devices and get out the hankies...Jeff reviews the results.)


The Espy for Best Upset Goes to...

FGSU.  Well, its not terribly surprising, I guess.  Despite incredible strides in gender equality in sports, very few (no?) women or women's teams won ESPYs over men or men's teams.  Louisville's women's basketball team, a 26-point underdog to Baylor didn't get the Biggest Upset ESPY, instead the award goes to 12-point underdog FGSU beating Georgetown.

"Its an honor just to be nominated," is true, of course.  And FGSU did achieve something never achieved before, a 15 seed reaching the Men's Sweet 16.  Of course, UofL's women achieved something never before achieved either, a 5 seed reaching the Women's National Championship game.  The ESPYs are voted on by fans, though, and we're still far from the day where women's athletics gets the same level of respect and awareness that the men do.

I guess that just means that we here at The Cardinal Couple have more work to do, sharing the joy and excitement of Louisville Women's Athletics.  We couldn't be more proud of the UofL Women's Basketball team, we're thrilled that they've had the experience of being in the ESPYs crowd and have gotten some of the national attention that they so richly deserve.

I'll be in my seats for their games.  Join us, won't you?

Louisville is Bringing Home Some Hardware

An Espy...

Coach Rick Pitino did win the ESPY for Best Coach/Manager that was awarded during the ESPY pre-show, and I suspect we'll have a nomination in the 2014 ESPYs for Best Comeback with Kevin Ware.

Flying High?

Angel McCoughtry was in the running for WNBA Best Player. She fell, Candace Parker. We, of course, disagree with the selection...nobody does it like Angel...but we are proud of her accomplishments and will soon prove the voters wrong when she and the Atlanta Dream take the WNBA title and she garners MVP.

And a Golf trophy...

Laura Restrepo came in second place in the Judson Collegiate Golf Tournament in Roswell, GA.  This tournament has 60 of the best collegiate golfers competing.  Congratulations Laura. Not an ESPY event, but a great honor for a Louisville golfer that will participate for what looks to be a powerhouse squad for coach Courtney Trimble this season.

Cardinal Couple Radio

Check out The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour on Crescent Hill Radio this Saturday at 11am.  I'm sure we'll be dissecting the Biggest Upset Award and how the UofL Women should've won it.  I also hope to have an interview with Louisville Volleyball Head Coach Anne Kordes, and I think Paulie has been spending some time on Floyd Street as well.  It should be a good show.

-Jeff McAdams

(Editor note: WE do have some great interviews lined up for Saturday. We spoke with Jeff Walz on his way to the ESPY awards, Arthur Albiero fills us in on Cardinal Swimming and Diving and Coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes and I sit down for another edition of 'Kicking It With Karen' .
We're on 11 a.m. Saturday at and previous broadcasts can be found in the archives section at the site. Local...up close and personal..and never boring...the CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR is commercial free, thanks to our listener sponsors.  Paulie)



  1. Did not like the format of the ESPYS at all. Too much time wasted on celebs and that goofy singer. Jon Hamm was useless. More time needed on giving all the categories recognition and less Hollywood Glitz.

    Curtis Franklin

  2. I only caught bits and pieces of the show. Did they actually ever show Pitino or the UofL women? I know Angel wasn't there. Dream had a game.


    1. Dream lost again? What's going on Paulie?

    2. My take is that the Dream are missing Sancho Lyttle (foot) and Tiffany Hayes (knee) who have missed the last two games. Angel had 24 in the loss to the LA Sparks in LA. They haven't lost at home yet, so a tough venue when you're two starters down.


    3. Pitino was not there, he was off recruiting.

      There were some glimpses of the UofL Women during the pre-show on the red carpet...I don't think they were in frame at any point (other than really obvious super-wide shots) at any point during the main show.

    4. As mentioned in the article above, no womens' teams or athletes won against head-to-head competition against the men. Still got a long way to go but we will never tire or give up the battle.


  3. The sports world raved about how big of an upset this was over Baylor for weeks. THEY KEPT SAYING ONE OF THE BIGGEST UPSETS IN SPORTS HISTORY! And then to make a run to get to the ship, they almost pulled off another "Survive and Advance" sequal but the womens side of the story! vs a dominant NCAA champ squad like Baylor! Crazy! Well, great experience for the players to be at such an event. --Umatilla23

    1. It will be a game that UofL WBB fans will still be talking about 20 years from now. Unfortunately, in a men's dominated sports world...a Florida Gulf Coast win over a overranked Georgetown team took precedent this year in the Biggest Upset voting at ESPN. Will they be talkig about the Gulf Coast win 20 years from now?


      Monique Reid, getting the inbounds pass from Shelby, dashing down court, taking it right to Griner, drawing the foul and hitting the free throws. I can see it just as clearly today as if it happened yesterday.


  4. The biggest upset abt the ESPYs is that Louisville did not win the Biggest Upset. No surprise, though. A women's event beating out 3 men's events...we are a ways away from that happening. However...this ceremony will likely go down in their lives as one of the events of a lifetime. They all appeared to have a ball. The exposure for the program was not bad either.

  5. whoooohooo Sara Hammond!!


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