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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cardinal Couple Thursday

Whither the WUGS

Not exactly a powerhouse showing for Shoni Schimmel yesterday in Kazan, Russia at the World University Games, scoring 4 points in 18 minutes of play.  We'll look on the positive side and focus on her 4 assists while protecting the ball well for no turnovers.

The US WUGS team has a day off today, though not that we'll really get to appreciate it here.  They play a 10:30am game against Sweden, who only lost by 6 points to Russia to land in second place of their group.  Adjusting for timezones, this will be a 2:30am tomorrow morning (Friday morning) tip for the east coast, which means our west coast readers will get to start watching this tonight at 11:30pm.  Wow, timezones make this far harder to figure out than it should be.

One Month

We're now only a month away from the beginning of fall sports.  Women's Soccer kicks off fall play with an exhibition match at Vanderbilt on August 11th.  They also get to be the first regular season game on the 23rd against Butler.  Other fall sports start regular season play on the 30th, with Volleyball and Field Hockey both having road matches.

Field Hockey opens their home slate of games on September 6th against William and Mary.  Volleyball doesn't make it back home until September 20th hosting Virginia Tech.  If you would like to make the trek to Lexington, matches against Kentucky, Minnesota and Pepperdine on the 10th, 13th and 14th.  I'll be there, come say hi.

Paulie and the Bears

Word is that Paulie has managed to avoid getting any restraining orders taken out on him by any of Great Smokey Mountains bears.  I hear some rumors of some stern meetings with Human Resources, however.  Assuming he's allowed to leave the jurisdiction, Paulie should be back with us for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.  Check in with us Saturday at 11am to hear his escapades.

Jeff McAdams

( Editor Note:  The IOOBIS...International Order Of Bears In Smokies...has new leadership...a couple of former BIG EAST referees are now president and shop steward. This did not bode well for me, of course...especially during the procedings when I kept yelling 'L1C4!' and 'RED....BLACK...RED...BLACK!' Nevertheless, I was acquitted of all charges of detaining a minor bear, knowingly contributing to the delinquency of a bear and inciting a peaceful riot. On the good side, quite a few bears know the lyrics to "Free Bird" now and have learned 'The Dougie'. I did pick up several absolutely fabulous fruity drink umbrellas that I've shipped to Jeff. Who says bears can't party? Two word of advice....if a bear says he is picking up the tab...never argue and never let Bill the Goat organize a mosh pit. -- Paulie)


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  1. IOOBIS? Son, where do you come up with this stuff? Why has Shoni playing time dropped?

    Curtis Franklin


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