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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Moss rolling back home


-Sydney Moss "most likely" to end up at Thomas More

-CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO on the air today!

The news might have made the category 'biggest upsets of 2013' if it had been released before the ESPYS. Kentucky's Miss Basketball for the 2011-12 season...Sydney Moss has, it seems, decided on her next juncture after asking for and eventually receiving her release from the University of Florida.

And the winner is....Thomas More?

The old adage is that a rolling stone gathers no moss. We can't speak for Mick Jagger or Keith Richards...but apparently Thomas More gathers well.

In reports ran by The Alligator and, Moss has indicated that the small, Division III school in Northern, KY is "most likely" where she enroll and play basketball in the 2013-14 season.

Louisville and West Virginia were, by all accounts the front runners for Moss' services after she decided to leave the Gators after a successful freshman debut where she averaged 11.8 ppg and 6.8 boards. A member of the SEC All-Freshman team. Led Florida to the semifinals of the WNIT. The future for Moss in Gator Country looked bright indeed.
An invite to the USA U19 team.

Kids change their minds.

Finding a program closer to her home in Union (Boone County, KY.) was a priority. Louisville is about an hour and some change from there. West Virginia considerably further but some speculation had developed that Cincinnati...right across the Ohio River...could be a contender.

Thomas More looks to be the lucky ticket holder in the Moss Sweepstakes, though.

The small, liberal arts school doesn't have a bad hoops program. Seven straight NCAA DIII appearances but no Final Four visit.

That appears to be about to change.

At Thomas More, Moss will be able to step on the court immediately and play three years. A transfer to a Div. I school would have necessitated sitting out a season. And, like her father Randy Moss...Sydney wants to play professionally once her college days are through. Moss wanted to be closer in location to her family. Union, KY is about 10 minutes from the Thomas More campus northbound on I-75.

Ironically, Randy Moss also began his college career at Florida but the talented wide receiver ended his career at Marshall University. He was one of the most successful wide receivers in the NFL before he retired.  

The bottom line? Players need to go and participate at schools and in areas where they are happy. College isn't forced is a learning and growing experience.

Sydney's decision caught a lot of people by surprise. Thomas More's women's basketball program probably feels like they just won the lottery. So much for the "insider in the know" who guaranteed me a couple of weeks ago that
Moss would be a Lady Card.  

From the spotlight to the limelight. From Gainesville to Crestview Hills. We can only point out that, a few years ago...a highly talented high school girls basketball player by the name of Della Donne decided to move her tack from the front stage at UConn to back home in Delaware.

That turned out pretty well. EDD torched someone for 25 a couple of nights ago in the WNBA.

So, Louisville chances of having two Syd's and two Sam's on the 2014-15 roster and staff appear to be over.

We hope Sydney finds wants she is looking for. And, don't be surprised if Thomas More goes on a three-year national championship run in DIII women's college basketball. Moss is that good. Thomas More is that lucky...


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