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Monday, June 3, 2013

AMERICAN or BIG EAST? How about both...


-AMERICAN Athletic Conference or BIG EAST? UofL women's sports teams will participate in both next year

-Cardinal Caravan kicks off tomorrow

We now know a bit more (not a lot, mind you) about the AMERICAN conference that Louisville will participate in for a year before going to the ACC. And, it does (if a conference can actually have a persona or identity) want to be called "The American"...not the AAC.

They've even come up with a logo. It's functional, we suppose and gets the basic idea across. They have a web site, too.

Not a whole not over at the site yet, but they do have the logos of 12 teams that will take part in AMERICAN sports. (Sorry, but every time I type AMERICAN in bold letters like we do with the BIG EAST or ACC...I want to salute the flag or hum the National Anthem).

Louisville's logo isn't one of the 12 school logos that grace the member page. It's probably just as well, since it's a one-year membership for Cardinal sports. I describe it as a stop at the three-star hotel for a night before arriving at the luxury resort.

So, who are these AMERICAN members and how often will we interact with them?

CONNECTICUT - We're familiar with the Huskies. Home of Geno and fake fair catches in football games. They usually beat us in field hockey and lacrosse, too.
SMU - That stands for Southern Methodist University. I don't know if there is a northern, eastern or western Methodist university. I won't spend any time researching it, either.
UCF - University of Central Florida, to you...sir. We just got two women's golf coaches from them. In Orlando. So is Disney World. Their mascot is not "the Mouse".
TEMPLE - A Philadelphia university, Bill Cosby went there. Louisville knows Philly, because of Villanova. They'll need to reprogram the GPS, though. Owls vs. Cards. I like it.
MEMPHIS - They left C-USA for this? I guess the lure of playing Cincinnati again was just too strong. Louisville WBB beat Memphis so badly the last time out, Sonja got in...
CINCINNATI - They're probably bitter they aren't joining us in the ACC. We'll miss Mick Cronin, Jamelle Elliott and Nippert Stadium. OK, not all that much. Bear it, Bearcats.
USF - a.k.a. South Florida. I think the happiest I've ever seen a coach is when Jose Fernandez saw his WBB hoops team beat Louisville in the YUM! last year. I'll miss Tampa.
EAST CAROLINA - Another C-USA departure. I do know there is a north, south and western Carolina. Whether they are Methodist or not, I'm not so sure. Gordon Gee might...
TULANE - It holds a special memory for me because it was Howard Schnellenberger's first really big win at UofL. They don't play field hockey or lacrosse in Nawlins but do play Sand Volleyball!
HOUSTON - The Cougars did go 40-19 in softball & normally field good hoops teams, too. Another departed from C-USA. They also made the NCAA Softball Regionals. 1-2 like us. 
TULSA - The Hurricanes hosted the C-USA Softball regionals. Another one of those schools that won't pose a threat in lacrosse or field hockey because they don't play.
NAVY - I actually had a reader e-mail me asking if Navy had any women's sports programs. Why, yes...they do. They join in 2015 after Louisville goes to the ACC.

A waiting list for the AMERICAN? Really?

So, we know Louisville will play soccer in the AMERICAN, but field hockey in the BIG EAST. Lacrosse in the BIG EAST but basketball in the AMERICAN. Softball in the AMERICAN 
and Volleyball I have no idea because they haven't released a schedule yet.

Dizzy yet? I thought so...

If I were the University of Louisville athletic purchasing department director, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on AMERICAN stationary or logo patches for uniforms.

So, we will be AMERICANS for a year. Then, maybe to the south of France or Bora-Bora. How about the brilliance of Sean Moth who queried..." If a Louisville player gets 'all-conference' recognition next season, does it mean they are 'all-American' ?" Or All-AMERICAN. Jeez.... 

"Ask not what your conference can do for you. Ask what conference records you can set in one season." 

I'm pretty sure John F. Kennedy didn't say that...but Caitlin Welch, Shoni Schimmel and Caralisa Connell may find out...

Will freshman signees with one of the 12 schools be known as "Young AMERICANS"? and will David Bowie be okay with that terminology?


And, at long last...Al Greener can point proudly to his "pep" trombonists and drummers and say (for at least one year):

"We're an American band!"

(apologies to Grand Funk Railroad...)



CARDINAL CARAVAN rolls into Bardstown and Louisville tomorrow. The whole schedule is at

If you're headed to the Louisville one, it officially starts at 6:30 p.m. You'll probably want to get there earlier than that, gets mucho crowded. Jurich, Pitino, and a plethora of other coaches and players.

It's fun and the view of the Ohio River from Captain's Quarters is pretty sweet. Unless you're seeing a doozy of a thunderstorm rolling in, like we did at the end of the festivities last year. See you out there!



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  1. The AMERICAN (I always want to put finger/air quotes around that, myself) has plenty of volleyball schools, so if we're not playing wide net there in the fall, then something really radically bizarre has happened.

    Looking at that list of teams...this will be a good year for volleyball to hopefully pick up another double conference championship (regular season plus tournament...presuming they hold a tournament, which I suppose its a possibility they won't).


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