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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Geography Lesson



( Jeff McAdams with the Thursday Edition of Cardinal Couple. He looks at Alicja Wolny and her geographical duality, Kendall's big toss and CARDINAL COUPLE'S involvment with NASCAR.)


California?  Or Great Britain?

Alicja Wolny, who just completed her NCAA eligibility playing first base for UofL Softball has been
selected to play for the Great Britain National Team this summer in Prague in the European Softball Championships.  This competition is a qualifying event for the 2014 World Championships and will take play in mid-July.

Here, all this time I thought Alicja was from California, and it turns out she's really from Great Britain.

Of course, Alicja is actually from California, but apparently her mother was born in Great Britain, which is apparently enough to qualify her to play for the GB National Team.  Regardless, this is a great opportunity for the 5'9" first baseman and we here at the Cardinal Couple wish her well.

( EDITOR'S NOTE : Wolny told us in an interview earlier this year that we played on CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR that her Mom's favorite song was "Hey, Jude." by the Beatles. At the time, I figured it was because of the superlative work on the court the junior from Oregon was turning in for Jeff Walz. This makes it much clearer, now. Cheerio, then...Big Wol! We'll have a spot of tea, some fish and chips and then watch you shatter windows in merry old England with deep fly balls off your bat. Tally Ho!) 

Track and Field

Congratulations to Amashi Kendall of the women's track and field team in earning All-American (no, not the conference, the real All-American honors) in the shot put after her 22nd place finish in the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene Oregon.  This is the second time Amashi Kendall has collected All-American honors.

NASCAR on the Cardinal Couple?

Brian Vickers will be driving a car in the Sprint Cup race at Kentucky Speedway on June 29th that will be paying tribute to the 2013 Men's National Championship.  The car will be red and white, and will sport a Louisville Cardinal emblem on the hood with the 2013 Men's Basketball Championship logo.  Brian will also be wearing a fire suit emblazoned with much of the same imagery and "Louisville" and "Cardinals" down the side of the legs of the suit.

This does sort of stretch the mission here at Cardinal Couple, of sharing the joy and excitement of UofL Women's Athletics, but it was just too cool not to mention.  With the year that UofL athletics has had, you have to think this boosts Michael Waltrip Racing's chances of getting in the winner's circle.

(Another Editor's Note -- CARDINAL COUPLE has often thought about sponsoring a car and driver in NASCAR. The major drawback is that we have a combined $4.32 between me, Jeff and Jenny. WE have found a driver, though...and think that Jeff Walz's recent performance in GRAND THEFT AUTO V would make him the perfect candidate to put in one of our souped-up golf carts and turn loose at Daytona, Talledaga or Indy. Left turns, Jeff. That's the ticket!)


Six University of Louisville athletic teams posted a perfect score in the most recent single-year Academic Progress rate (APR) data released by the NCAA.

The six UofL sports with a perfect 1000 APR score for 2011-12 include men's basketball, men's cross country, men's golf, women's golf, women's lacrosse and women's tennis.

Getting it done on the field and in the classroom. All part of the Tom Jurich philosophy and that of the coaches that serve the University of Louisville.

If we're not careful, UofL just might turn into one of those "Academic colleges" that Milt Wagner spoke of many years ago.

Congratulations to all the hard working, on and off the court student athletes that make the campus off I-65 the reason why Louisville is the best college sports town in the USA!

-Jeff McAdams



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