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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Cardinal Couple -- Walz Skills Camp review


-Talent prevalent at Saturday skills camp.

With almost 100 girls' high school players in attendance at Jeff Walz's Elite Camp on Saturday, June 15th....the action was fast and furious as you might imagine.
Asst. WBB coach Sam Purcell with Shoni
and Syd

The UofL Staff, including most recent hire Sam Purcell and the UofL womens' basketball team put the girls...divided into six different teams...through a variety of skills' workouts and scrimmages. All six hoops at Cardinal Arena...and the court on the ground level of the SAC were busy for most of the afternoon as the attendees worked on their games under the supervision and encouragement of the Cardinal crew. We saw Asia, Shoni, Jude, Bria, newcomer Janelle Cannon, Cortnee and the other members of the Louisville WBB in a different light...not performing...but coaching, instructing and even acting as referees.

Jenny O'Bryan and I watched the players go through their motions and I wrote down a list of 12 players who impressed me with their game. This, by no a list of the best
12 in attendance...just 12 who caught my eye.

Caliya Robinson  6'2" Class of 2015. Marietta, GA. Loved her outside shot for a "big" and displayed some excellent inside moves.

Zhanesha Dickerson  5'10" Class of 2014. St. Louis, MO. Great drop-step move to the basket and fights for every loose ball on the court.

Te'a Cooper  5'7" Class of 2015. Powder Springs, GA. She gave her commitment to UNC as a 8th. grader...and has wonderful passing skills, inside drives and a sweet jumper.

Alecia Sutton  5'7" Class of 2016. St. Louis, MO. One of the quickest up and down the court that I saw and the lines will be long for her on the recruiting trail when she's a junior.

Nora Kiesler  6'5" Class of 2015. Louisville, KY. What a difference a year makes! Strong, goes to the hoop with authority and isn't afraid to mix it up on the boards.

Meredith Schulte  6'1" Class of 2015. Braselton, GA. Consistant outside shot. Could turn into the pro-typical "3" college coaches dream of.

Dasia Evans  6'1" Class of 2016. Richton Park, IL. Goes to the hoop with authority and skill for her age and isn't afraid to shoot. Another to watch...just a sophomore.

Haley Bodnar  6'3" Class of 2014. St. George, UT.  First thought was "is this Sara Hammond's little sister?" Strong work ethic and her and Kiesler's battles were fun to watch.

Morgan Griffith  5'10"  Class of 2017. West Frankfort, IL.
Such a sweet baseline shot for one that will be a freshman this season. Shows quickness and involves her teammates.

Jailyn Mason  5'7"?  Class of 2016. Cincinnati, OH
Nice range on her jumper and flows very well in open court situations. Aggressive with the ball.

Maci Morris  6'0"  Class of 2015. Pineville, KY. She's all that is advertised. Does so many things so well. The Pineville Phenom has serious game.

Anna Hammaker  5'10"  Class of 2015. Knoxville, TN. A very flashy guard that distributes the ball quite well and nice jumper from mid-range.

Once again, just my observations...based on three hours of a skills camp.
I don't do evaluations of high school players for a living. What I reported on were particular or a series of  player's skills they demonstrated Saturday afternoon. All the girls at the camp are "elite" and will most likely be involved in college recruiting somewhere down the road.

It should be noted 2014 Louisville commit Syd Brackemyre was there but didn't participate in a lot of the drills...protecting the knee we assume...but the Cardinal players and coaches were chatting her up the entire time.

Both Jenny and I were constantly checking the camp roster to identify the players who impressed us with their talents. We'll keep a close eye on the attendees and wish all of them the best of luck in the years ahead.

All in all, a great afternoon watching the future stars of women's basketball. A special thanks to Mary Beth Whittaker and Adrienne Johnson for their assistance and help.




  1. What is the story on Bodner? Is she a commit anywhere?

    Blue Lou

    1. Last we heard...20 Div. I schools have offered. She's out of Utah, so BYU and Utah are most interested. So is Louisville, Oregon State and Tulsa...just to name a few. She would be a great "get" for the Cards in 2014. Watching her Saturday, I saw a lot to like about her game. The similarities to Sara Hammond are remarkable.


    2. has coach walz offered a scholly,and what happened to center from california that walz offered. I tink bodner is a nice fit

  2. Walz has offered Bodnar from what we make of it. Haven't heard much about the girl from Sacramento lately. She was at last year's skills camp. The UofL coaches, of course, cannot comment on such matters and Ayanna Edwards (the girl in question) did have a lot of other schools interested in her.



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