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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Cardinal Couple -- Sam Purcell newest UofL WBB Assistant


-Sam Purcell joins UofL WBB Coaching Staff


First job is to teach
the new Coach Sam
the proper way to
flash the "L"
No official press release out of UofL about it yet, which is quite understandable since Jeff Walz has been rather busy becoming a father, getting ready for a Skills Camp and doing radio interviews for CARDINAL COUPLE...but we have it on good authority that Georgia Tech assistant coach Sam Purcell is the newest assistant coach for the University of Louisville women's basketball team.

Sure enough, when Jenny O'Bryan and I went to watch the Walz Elite Skills camp Saturday afternoon...Coach Purcell was dressed in shorts and a UofL t-shirt, running drills for the campers on his very first day on the job.

Purcell spent six years as an assistant for the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech...also serving as a scouting coordinator, assisting in recruiting and developing one of the best video player evaluation systems in the nation.

It shows, Georgia Tech has had top 25 recuiting classes since he's been there, including the #5 ranked class in the nation in 2012.

Smart move by Coach Walz. UofL enters the ACC, where Georgia Tech resides, in the 2014-15 season. Who better to have on staff than a highly regarded assistant who has been coaching there and recruiting the area? Might know a thing or two about UofL's future competition, eh? Combine him with Samantha Williams, also a former assistant in the ACC and the Cards have a duo that is well familiar with the schools Louisville will be joining.

Will Coach Sam I look for a new nickname or will
Sam II have to change his monicker?
Purcell is one of those well-thought of, rising star assistants that could most likely use the UofL assistant position to climb to the head coaching ranks down the road. No problem with that...Walz has a knack for getting assistants to the next level and a few years with Sam on campus and his knowledge of and contacts in the Atlantic Coast Conference will serve the Cards' transition into the league quite nicely.

We now have a Sam I & Sam II duo to assist Coach Steph and Walz. If either had male children, maybe we could call them sons of Sam. OK, I digress...

Walz knows how to pick them. I wonder how he is at handicapping and picking $5000 level claimers at Churchill?


CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR today at 11 a.m. We'll discuss the Purcell hire, Walz's skills camp Saturday and other news about UofL women's sports. Imagine us, still talking basketball as summer is about to begin? WE also have great interviews with Coach Walz and Karen Ferguson-Dayes. And, it's rumored CARDINAL COUPLE Chairman of the Board Don Paulie may stop in for a word or two.

CARDINAL COUPLE Radio Staff prepares to enter
the studio for 60 minutes of mayhem.
Grab the goat, put on a pot of tea and put off your trip to the grocery at 11 a.m. this morning for another exciting episode of the Jenny O'Bryan Show  CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO. And, as always, if you miss the live broadcast, it can always be accessed in the archives at CRESCENT HILL RADIO, tucked away on the heavenly SoundCloud.

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  1. What future AAC team may possibly have 3 former ACC asst coaches on the same team?

    1. Had to think about this one a sec...and then remembered that Walz was at Maryland. The ACC priors in the AAC will be A-OK as they TCB in the NCAA..IMHO.



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