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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple


-Walz adds one...welcome Lola!

-A name to know: Crystal Dangerfield

-Kellie's Heroes: Coach Young discusses lines and nets

By the time a lot of you read this Friday, Lauren & Jeff Walz will be the proud parents of a baby girl. In an interview with Coach Walz Thursday that will be heard exclusively on Saturday's CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR, Jeff informed me that his wife Lauren would be induced Friday and that the couple would be proud parents of a baby girl...named Lola.

A busy weekend for sure for Coach. His skills basketball camp will take place Saturday, with future Cardinals Syd Brackemyer and Arianna Freeman among the attendees. Coach wasn't able to divulge the entire list of participants..(the NCAA loves their rules and regulations...) but the skills camp is open to the public from 1-5 Saturday at Cardinal Arena.

WE extend a big CARDINAL COUPLE congratulations to Jeff and Lauren on the arrival of their baby daughter and you can drop the happy parents a congratulatory e-mail at:

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Another youngster that is going to be receiving a lot of attention is freshman Crystal Dangerfield, a 5'5" point guard from Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, TN. She's on the U16 National Team and has received attention from Louisville and Tennessee, among other schools.

Dangerfied averaged 14.5 ppg, 3.4 assists and 3.3 steals for Blackman last season and look to help Team USA win the gold later this summer.

She's a self-professed gym rat who is working on her pressure defense and making the right passes to turn her game into a complete one.
This Dangerfield gets plenty of respect amongst the college coaches and will be one to watch as her AAU and high school career evolves.

(Thanks to CARDINAL COUPLE columnist Jenny O'Bryan for this great find at Full Court!)


In our never-ending attempt to actually speak and write intelligently about the sports we cover for the Cardinal women's athletic squads, we're pleased to bring you this segment from a feature we'll be doing this summer with UofL head lacrosse coach Kellie Young. We call it "Kellie's Heroes"...and today Coach Young answers a question we had about illegal sticking. We saw the Cards get a goal taken away from them during the season because of this and Coach explains the rules of the ball in the lacrosse stick net.

"The ball has to be visible above the side wall of our stick in order for the stick to be legal. In the case where we lost that goal, the net had gotten too loose which allowed the ball to drop deeper into the pocket. That makes possession easier for the player with the ball and it makes "checking the ball out" by an opposing player more difficult. If the referees inspect the stick and net after a goal, or if an opposing coach requests a lacrosse to be can result in an illegal stick and non-valid goal."

Thanks for the explanation, coach! We now know that "getting too deep into the net" is a term that just isn't used in volleyball. We'll have an interview with Coach Young next week for CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO.




  1. Sam Purcell is new assistant

    1. We have heard this from more than one source but currently haven't got it confirmed.



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