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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Photo Highlights: Softball -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Photo Highlights: Softball

The team I had the least opportunity to shoot this year was softball.  They had four home games right before everything came crashing and burning with COVID-19.  I captured the first two innings of their home opener and most of their second game.  Katy was in town for a grad school interview that weekend so I decided to focus my time on her instead.

Side note: Katy got into Louisville Presbyterian Seminary with full tuition and housing coverage, and will be working on a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  So, thank you all for your best wishes a few weeks ago!

To add to the few photos I did go back to a couple fall ball scrimmages I captured as well.

Sadly, we saw very little of softball, just like lacrosse.  I do hope the NCAA makes the right decision on granting all of the spring sports student-athletes with an extra year of eligibility.  Both Funke and Fergie (Ferguson) would love to come back.


(Some commentary)

There was a tele-conference with Dana Evans yesterday that Paulie phoned in to and asked some questions. A lot of subjects were covered. 

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why some of the so-called "journalists" in our city deemed it appropriate to focus on, and kept digging at the subject of the WNBA. 

Nothing to see here. Move along. such "yellow' journalism is sad and reflects on the nature of the ne'er-do-wells asking such stupid questions. Here was a perfect opportunity to talk about all the accomplishments Dana has aceheived in three years and they go for controversy. 

I like Paulie's response on Twitter: 

"Dana not going anywhere. Don't get caught up in the hype. Angel and Asia stayed for their senior seasons and they were more highly regarded than Dana." 

Although she is quite the basketball player, she IS NOT in the "Holy Trinity" of the three Cardinal WBB players widely recognized to be the best to don a UofL WBB jersey: 

Angel, Asia and Shoni. 

Did they leave early? Nope. Ms. Evans would be wise to return for her senior year and build upon the remarkable accomplishments she has already earned at UofL. There may not be a WNBA season this summer/fall. I feel confident she'll "make the right decision". 

Remember, these "experts" also had Jeff Walz gone to Tennessee. Last I checked, he's still playing UNO with his wife and kids in Louisville, KY. I look forward to see Dana playing her senior season at UofL. 

 (You can listen to/watch Dana's tele-conference at the link below): 


Remember to stay safe and keep practicing good hygiene.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. I didn't see the entire videoconference, but either she volunteered that she was considering the WNBA or someone asked her and she answered affirmatively. How can you expect local journalists not to report that? It's exactly what I would hope and expect them to do.

    Asia and Shoni were not eligible to leave early for the WNBA. Dana is because she turns 22 on August 1. Angel also turned 22 in the calendar year that her junior year ended and could have left early if the WNBA rules were the same in 2008-09 as they are today. I don't know if that was the case or not.

  2. The Courier-Journal is notorious for asking the controversial, not-relative questions with their hack writers like Sullivan and whatever new one they bring in. The new ones never seem to stay more than a couple of months, either they figure it out and move to something better or are too lacking to be journalists in the first place and get dumped.

    A cause for celebration in Dana's recent honors and rewards ruined by the (thankfully) deleted questions from the AP and C-J. And WHAS.

    Jerks going to be jerks, never changes.

    I did watch the entire, original interview. Shameful how they set her up and kept digging. I liked the edited one that eventually ended up on you're site much better.

    Nick O.

  3. Great softball pics, by the way, Jared!

    Nick O.

  4. I wish Dana Evans the very very best. If she decides this year or next to enter the draft I don't think it makes a difference pro wise. I don't see her making the WNBA, especially long term.
    The nice thing is what I think doesn't matter squat. Who thought Arica Carter would be drafted and make an opening day WNBA roster? THAT was incredible. I would of lost a lot if I had to bet on that.


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