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Thursday, March 12, 2020

No Fans Allowed -- Lax Visits Delaware -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

NCAA Tournament Will Be Played Without Fans

Take a moment to let it sink in before you let your emotions out. I stepped away from my phone and social media for a little when I found out.

Now read again: The 2020 Women's and Men's NCAA Tournament will be played without fans in attendance.  The NCAA made their announcement yesterday afternoon as many people were making their daily commute home from work.

The coronavirus is spreading at a rapid pace and there is currently no known cure.  In its current state, the coronavirus does not appear to be harmful to youth and young adults, but has had devastating effects on the elderly and those with weak immune systems.  Although, it is not as widespread or deadly as the flu, the coronavirus is still new and we are learning more about it on a daily basis.

The NCAA is also debating on prohibiting fans from attending all NCAA related events, which
include softball, lacrosse, tennis, and track and field on campus for us.  UofL stated that their events will continue as scheduled as of right now.  Fans are still allowed at events unless an update comes out by either UofL or the NCAA.

However, the University has restricted all international university-related events.

No matter what happens and what decisions are made we will continue to give you the best and most in-depth coverage of all UofL women's sports.

Author's Reaction

*The following reflect the views directly of Jared and may not be the same as the other members of Cardinal Couple.*

I've asked Paulie to leave this opinionated section as uncensored and unedited as possible as I offer my reaction and thoughts on everything.

The situation sucks.  It really f***ing sucks.  To an extent, it is out of humanity's control.

As a player, I'd be pissed.  There's a major difference between playing in front of a few thousand spectators and inside an empty gymnasium.  The energy levels are way different.  For those with home court advantage, it's frustrating.  The home court advantage crowd is gone.

As a fan, I'd be in an outrage.  Getting a refund is just part of it.  Fans have already taken time to have hotel and travel plans as well as some form of PTO for many.  Much of that you cannot get back.  And let's be real- watching on TV at home or at a bar is not as fun as being there in person.

 I can understand why the fans are calling the decision bullsh*t.

As a member of the band, cheer, or dance teams, I'd be sad.  Tournament time is the best time.  Some of my favorite memories from college come from trips during tournament season.  Those are the stories I'll tell my children one day, not the stories of me in class.  Many of these members were recently sent home from their respective conference tournaments.  Those with UofL had just in arrived in Greensboro for the men's ACC Tournament when they found out the news.  The ACC allowed schools to make their own decisions.  UofL has  opted to allow their band, cheer, and dance members attend one game with future ones pending.

As a member of the NCAA committee making these decisions, I'd be overwhelmed.  These folks are trying their best to make things work.  No one wants to see the NCAA Tournament cancelled like the NBA just announced with their season.  But these committee members also want what's best in terms of health and wellness of the players, coaches, staff, fans, and everyone else involved.

Personally, I'm frustrated.  I want to see everyone get the full NCAA Tournament experience and I know it's going to be one Hell of a letdown of a tournament with how things are set.  I also want what's best for everyone until we can get the situation under control and find a cure.

Lacrosse Visits Delaware

Louisville lacrosse (5-4) will take on Delaware (2-3) this afternoon at 2:00.

Most recently, Delaware went to double-overtime against Elon and pulled off the win, 12-11.  Prior to that, they downed Duquesne.  The Blue Hens started the season with three straight losses.

Delaware is 1-0 in Colonial Athletic Association play.  This is the only CAA team the Cards face this season.

The Blue Hens average 11.80 goals per game with a .337 shot percentage.  They are also one of the best teams in ground balls with 99 on the year.

Defensively, Delaware has allowed 55 goals, averaging out to be 11 per game.  They do allow a
generous .407 shot percentage, though.  Their keepers have recorded 59 saves.

Delaware won the only match-up between the two foes, winning 9-8 at the LLS in late March of last year.

The game will be aired on Youtube.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


PS: Please wash your hands and take precautions with the outbreaks of the coronavirus and the still-going and seemingly-forgotten flu.


  1. I am sad too about the prevention of fans from events and the possible cancellation of events. I guess we have to just stop and realize that life itself and good health are the basis of all these fun things we are able to enjoy.

    So, we take a time out, get our shit together and get back to it when the threat has passed.

    Curtis "I'm washing and sanitizing--how about you?" Franklin

  2. This ain’t no joke.

    This virus is a lot more contagious and a lot more lethal than the flu. With the flu it’s the secondary bacterial infections that get you, this virus can do the job by itself. You realize if 20 million get this virus there could be over 200,000 deaths.

    If anything, we should have been doing something sooner because this things about to explode.

    I forsee a cancellation of the NCAA Tournament. Let's not forget officials have to get there somehow. They may not want to fly. Opposing teams have to arrive somehow. Are they willing to take a 10-12 hour bus ride?

    Nick O.

  3. People, we have the most advanced and skilled health system in the world here in America. We got this.

    If we have to watch games on TV instead of going to them, OK. That's how it is. I wouldn't want to put ANYONE in danger of getting sick, whether it be a tuba player, girls in a dress dancing at half-court or player driving for a layup.

    Let the media cover it and ban everyone else expect maybe parents and school officials. And test ALL those people with credentials.

    Paulie, you were in Greensboro for the women. It can take this virus a while to manifest itself with symptoms. How are you feeling? Would you, or would you, Jared go to an opening round event at the KFC YUM! Center if you had your credentials approved?

    Blue Lou

  4. Blue Lou: I feel fine.

    Dave O.: Some good points but maybe a bit over-reactionary.

    Just wash up with good, hot water and soap, use the hand sanitizer and be cautious. It seems like most of the affected are getting better and/or being sent home, except for the nursing facilities.

    Would I attend an event if credentialed? Yeah, probably. The thing is, who will be credentialed and will the NCAA Tournament actually take place? It seems like things are changing every 30 minutes, in regards to the why's and wherefores.



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