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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mourning Sherrill Brackmeier -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


One of the most legendary names in Louisville Athletics history passed away last week.  Sherrill Brackmeier passed away Friday morning.

Known as "Mrs. B" by many, Brackmeier was often seen at home field hockey games.

Mrs. B played all four sports that were offered to women in 1940-1944- field hockey, volleyball, basketball, and softball.  Upon graduating, Brackmeier then became a teacher and coached the field hockey team for 30 years.

At the time, many sports were not participating in NCAA  activities and just played schools nearby.  They had little to no support, and it was often up to Mrs. B to stripe the lines on the field and have every aspect of practices and games ready to go for her teams.

In addition to her teaching and coaching efforts, Mrs. B was on the board of directors for KWIC and KAHPER.  She was a faculty adviser to many student groups like the pep club, cheerleaders, square dance club, and more.

Without the leadership and guidance of Serrill Brackmeier, Louisville women's athletics would not be what it is today, and some sports may have ceased to exist entirely.

Mrs. B was the first woman inducted into the University of Louisville Athletic Hall of Fame.  She also received the Outstanding Alumni Award in 1985.

The Louisville field hockey locker room was renamed in her honor back in 2012 for her 90th birthday.  She often did not make it to the locker room, but would make sure to gather on the field with the team following every match she attended, and would bring smiles to all of the players, coaches, and staff.

Sherrill Brackmeier is a prime example of the type of women we love to cover at Cardinal Couple, and if we had our own Hall of Fame I am sure she would be in it.

We offer our condolences to the Brackmeier family and the UofL Athletics community.


On a lighter note, as we look for things to talk about and to help fill the void in some of my free time I will be putting together some of my favorite shots from 2020.  That will include the end of the basketball season as well as what I got from the few softball and lacrosse matches that happened.  I also made it to a swim meet and will have some pictures from that.

As we continue to fight through a medical and economic emergency please do what you can to protect yourself and you loved ones.

Advice from your banker- you do not need to pull your money out of banks.  Your money is insured and protected and will be there no matter what happens.  Also, cash is one of the dirtiest objects in the world and can carry diseases for a short period of time.  Pay with checks or card when you can and clean your hands after dealing with cash and coin.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


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  1. Wise advice Jared and sorry to heat about Sheryl. Pioneers in sports should always be appreciated.

    It's come to this: We now have to station someone in the paper aisle at work, enforcing the no hoarding rule. Grow up, people. Quit being selfish. I expect incidents. Some of you are very stupid -- or very anal.

    Curtis "Think of your fellow man" Franklin


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