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Monday, March 23, 2020

Interview with Sam Purcell -- A Cardinal Couple Quiz -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


I was able to catch up with Sam Purcell for today's interview. Admittedly, his energies and responsibilities have changed dramatically since the out-break of COVID-19 and cancellation of DI Sports. Instead of preparing for what most likely would have been the Cardinal WBB Sweet Sixteen opponent later this week or instructing players, he's busy helping to organizing birthday parties for his kids and adjusting to social distancing. 

That doesn't mean we didn't talk hoops in our chat. We covered a lot of hoops. And, I think you'll enjoy the interview with "my man Sam" that we have linked up for you below. 



If you didn't catch the Saturday podcast via Skype of The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast with me, Jeff, Case and can click the picture at the top of the page or go to this link. We hope you enjoy it, we talk a lot of basketball after getting caught up with each other. 

The "A" team, or "the knuckleheads" were in rare form and on their "game" Saturday. We went a bit over the "Hour" in our title of the broadcast, but, got a pressing appointment or something?  




WE will go one step further to keep you entertained today, with a Worldwide Cardinal Couple quiz. Let's do this WBB quiz today, in honor of our Sam Purcell interview.

You know the rules, 10 points for each correct answer, we'll include a bonus that'll either get you 10 more points or take 10 off your total, if you decide to try the bonus. Answers at the bottom of the page. Good luck and sty well. 

Here we go: 

1) This Cardinal WBB student-athlete wore #12 (just like Tom Brady!). Is she?

a) Norika Konno
b) Jess Laemmle
c) Lindsey Duvall
d) Yacine Diop

2) Which one of these team didn't play Louisville in the 2019-20 season? 

a) Central Michigan
b) Northern KY
c) Oklahoma St
d) Drexel

3) The Cards WBB Graphic Designer/Video Coordinator is:

a) Lamont Russell
b) Vanessa Shannon
c) Chelsea Morning
d) Ray Bronger

4) Which one of these "B's" did not play basketball at UofL? 

a) Deseree' Byrd
b) Tatjana Boston
c) Maddie Birch
d) Roscelle Bullock

5) Angel McCoughtry came to UofL...

a) as a result of a trade with Maryland
b) after playing a year at The Patterson School
c) after sending Tom Collen a video of her dunking
d) as a walk-on on the Volleyball team

6) Which of the following is ttue about Jeff Walz? 

a) grew up speaking Portugueseb) played high school basketball with Quentin Hillsman
c) was a Cadillac salesman in Cincinnati before getting into coaching
d) still cuts his own yard

7) Liz Dixon was: 

a) A McDonald's All-American
b) enjoys mountain climbing in the off-season
c) the only player to record a quadruple-double for the Cards this season
d) a stock car racer in high school

8) Dana Evans...which answer is false?

a) sings opera as a past-time
b) lists Michael Jackson as her favorite singer
c) was named to the ACC All-Freshman Team in 2017-18
d) averaged 35 points a game as a senior in high school

9) Which current Louisville WBB student-athlete was named Ms. Texas Basketball? 

a) Molly Lockhart
b) Ramani Parker
c) Nyah Green
d) Elizabeth Balogun

10) Seygan Robins played her high school basketball at: 

a) Bullitt East
b) Mercer County
c) Ashland Blazer
d) Mercy Academy


Assistant WBB Coach Jonneshia Pineda: 

a) played her college basketball at Syracuse
b) began her coaching career at Virginia Tech
c) calls Atlanta, GA her hometown
d) played high school basketball with Cortnee Walton











1) C
2) D
3) A
4) C
5) B
6) D
7) A
8) A 
9) C
10) B


Let us know how you did in the comments section! 

Have a magical Monday!



  1. 6 of 10 and got the bonus. Great thumbs ☝ with Purcell. He's invited to play golf with me and Watson anytime in Florida.

    -The Real Joe Hill

  2. I really like Sam Purcell and it's just a matter of time that some program makes him an offer he can't refuse and he takes a head coaching job. I'm selfish, I want him to stay at Louisville until he retires.

    Meanwhile, I continue to be amazed at people ans their shopping habits the further we get in to this pandemic. People sending their kids in to buy the limit on toilet paper, in addition to what the parents are buying separately.

    I've always thought a lot of people were anal-retentive and the pandemic proves it.

    I scored 70 on the quiz. Declined the bonus question. 3,4 and 9 tripped me up.

    Curtis "Follow the Five Steps" Franklin

  3. Walz assistants have had some good success. Michelle Clark-Heard has a marvelous run at WKU and has done well in her first two years at Cincy a perennial loser. Who thought Florida would have a winning record this year. Lavender Briggs was a great player as a freshman for Cam Newbauer this year. Kid out of Utah. What a recruiting job by Cam.

    1. Let's not forget "Smooth" Samantha Williams turning it around at EKU and "Double B's" Becky Burke getting it done at Charleston, either. Beth Ann Ord rebuilt Weber State and is now doing the same at Binghamton. Sara Hammond doing wnderful things at Union University and our beloved Cortnee Walton is the recruiting coordinator at Georgia Tech. One of my highlights of the trip to the ACC WBB Tournament early this was to be able to send some time with "the Cort"!


  4. Missed three out of the eleven questions. Missed one I should have known and got an educated guess...evens out.


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