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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Jeff Walz and Scott Teeter Interviews -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


So, how are the UofL coaches handling the aspects of social distancing and no players on campus to monitor and work with? 

We caught up with two UofL women's athletics head coaches yesterday -- head Lacrosse Coach Scott Teeter and head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz. 

The Lacrosse team was 5-4 when their season was ended, hours before they were scheduled to take the field at Delaware against the Blue Hens back on March 12th
Louisville women's basketball was 28-4, 16-2 in conference and waiting to see where they wold be seeded in the NCAA Tournament when the tournament was cancelled. 

From games of UNO, to backyard barbecues and walks around the are the words of these two coaches: 



As we all adjust our normal way of living due to COVID19, we thought you might like an insight into how two coaches that would either be preparing for NCAA Tournament play and/or the remainder of their season are adjusting in the absence of games to prepare for, players to teach and practices.  

We are reaching out to more coaches on campus and have already scheduled other interviews with UofL women's coaches for the future. A special thanks to the S.I.D. for these two sports -- Nick Evans -- for doing the legwork to arrange these chats. 

Check back with Cardinal Couple daily as we continue to provide you with articles on the joy and excitement -- plus other relevant news -- on Louisville women's athletics.


If you haven't seen this 3 minute You Tube presentation of the UofL WBB squad set to the NCAA Tournament/Luther Vandross  song "One Shining Moment" click the link below. 

Warning: Have a box of tissues handy... 

LINK:   One Shining Moment -- Louisville women's basketball

Have a wise Wednesday and stay well,



  1. Great stuff from both coaches Paulie and what a wonderful You Tube on WBB.

    We are all in this together

    Curtis "Committed and here to help" Franklin

  2. Hello Friends!

    Arthur Here!

    I hope everyone is doing OK, first off.

    The social distancing is rather new to us all, I don't necessarily enjoy it but definitely see the need for it. I haven't made the drive
    to campus at Clemson in almost two weeks, Bea and I have been doing a lot of garden work when the weather allows.

    Thanks for the interviews, Paulie. Some vert good advice from the coaches, no doubt. We are big fans of UNO also, although it isn't quite a fun with two.

    Stay safe and well, all. Check on your elderly friends and family and let's all be patient with each other.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  3. Wise words by Walz and Teeter. I also like to do a little grillin' and have been doing that. Paulie, you want a cheeseburger? I make 'em custom order.

    In the words of Jimmy Buffett, "I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes"

    Drive thru not completed yet, the wife and I have differences on taking out part of the garage wall/foundation and installing a drive thru window. SMH.

    Blue Lou


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