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Tuesday, March 17, 2020


How Bout a Quiz?!

This whole no sports thing sucks.  It's so bad that even the Kentucky Derby has been postponed until Sept. 5.  If we don't have another UofL sport play until the first fall sport plays then we're looking at nearly half a year hiatus.

So, for now, why not another quiz?

1) I am on the 2019-2020 women's basketball team and am NOT from the state of Kentucky.  Who am I?

a) Lindsey Duvall
b) Molly Lockhart
c) Seygan Robins
d) Dana Evans

2) I set a program records for goals scored in a season after transferring in from Canisius College.  I
graduated following the 2019 season.  Who am I?

a) Rachel Florek
b) Tessa Chad
c) Scott Teeter
d) Bethany Russ

3) I am the only head coach from Australia at UofL.  Who am I?

a) Justine Sowry
b) Scott Teeter
c) Jeff Walz
d) Arthur Albiero

4) I won a national championship three consecutive year with the women's swimming and diving
team.  Who am I?

a) Melanie McHenry
b) Myisha Hines-Allen
c) Mallory Comerford
d) Molly Fears

5) I led the NCAA in triples last year and was on pace to lead the team this year before the season was cut short.  Who am I?

a) Jordan McNary
b) Celene Funke
c) Hannah Koloski
d) Makenli Foreest

6) I am the all-time points leader in UofL women's basketball history.  I currently play in the WNBA
and have won multiple Olympic gold medals.  Who am I?

a) Kelsi Worrell Dahlia
b) Ayeisha McFerran
c) Elizabeth Balogun
d) Angel McCoughtry

7) I led the team in penalty kicks last season.  I also led the team in goals scored.  Who am I?

a) Emina Ekic
b) Brooklynn Rivers
c) Mercedes Mechi Pastor
d) Caroline Blalock

8) I do not have a sister that plays a sport at UofL.  Who am I?

a) Paige Schindler
b) Sarah Blalock
c) Cassady Greenwood
d) Dorcas Wasike

9) I play basketball and do not have ties to another country.  Who am I?

a) Elizabeth Dixon
b) Yacine Diop
c) Elizabeth Balogun
d) Norika Konno

10) I have been with my current team for 20 years and my husband is the coach for the University of
Cincinnati men's soccer team.  Who am I?

a) Holly Aprile
b) Karen Ferguson-Dayes
c) Justine Sowry
d) Dani Busboom Kelly

How did you do? (Answers below)


1) D - Dana Evans
2) C - Tessa Chad
3) A- Justine Sowry
4) C - Mallory Comerford
5) B - Celene Funke
6) D - Angel McCoughtry
7) A - Emina Ekic
8) D - Dorcas Wasike
9) A - Elizabeth Dixon
10) B - Karen Ferguson-Dayes

Can you top the other members of the Cardinal Couple Crew?

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!


PS: Please remember to not go out to public places if you don't need to.  Stay hydrated and wash your hands!


  1. Followed up yesterday's 90 with a 100 today. Of course if we were in studio I'd managed to screw it up at the end and in the bonus.

  2. Aced this one with 100% and fully agree that we could have tripped Case up somehow in studio to offer a bonus and watch him blow it.

    I have been trying to line up an interview over the last couple of days with one or two UofL coaches . No fruition yet. The plan is to try and "do" an interview once a week with a UofL women's sports personality. I am, of course, at the behest and whim of the S.I.D.'s of these sports. One would figure the coaches might be eager to have their thoughts "put out" there for their fan bases to hear.

    If you are a former Cardinal Athlete and would like to do a phone interview with me (Paulie) over phone and have it played here on the website, contact me at:

    or text/call me at 5022913651.

    WE'd love to hear from you!


  3. This from UofL AD Vince Tyra:

    Dear Friends,

    This last week has been a difficult time for us all. I wanted to reach out to you directly as we navigate this unprecedented time for our country as much as for Louisville Athletics, and truly thank you for your continued passion and support of the Louisville Cardinals.

    As you know, due to the ever-evolving developments of COVID-19, the University of Louisville, in conjunction with the Atlantic Coast Conference and the NCAA, has suspended all athletic related activities including all competition, formal and organized practice, recruiting and participation in NCAA championships until further notice.

    While this is an extremely tough time for the Louisville Athletics community, the health and safety of our student-athletes, fans, and staff is of the utmost importance. Plans could be altered at any time as more information becomes available in this very fluid and unprecedented matter. We are committed to open and continued communication with you, our biggest supporters.

    As we continue to gather information, one thing that we do know is that we cannot do this ourselves. Our student-athletes, coaches and leadership need your support now, more than ever. If you need anything at all, please feel free to reach out to your Cardinal Athletic Fund (CAF) representative directly or contact the main line at

    We are in this business because we are driven to see results. We are competitors at heart, but right now that’s impossible to do. Our focus right now needs to be on how we can console, motivate, and guide those around us – and to use this time to lay the critical groundwork for our next, best chapter. I am so proud of the student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans that call themselves Louisville Cardinals.

    Our program is no stranger to adversity and rising to the next challenge is part of the Cardinals’ DNA. We will get through this together, and I believe our best days are ahead of us. This is what drives us every day, and you are the embodiment of that spirit.

    Until we meet again, wear your red with pride, communicate your passion for our program, and know we send the very best wishes for you and your family. Remember, in times of uncertainty, we rise as one.

    Vince Tyra
    - Vince

  4. I scored an 80.
    Questions #2 and #10 tripped me up.

    I had a rare eight-hour work shift last night. Finally have some people trained to put things on shelves and the stock supervisors are back on their regular schedules.

    (I am considering wearing a sign that says

    'No, I dont know when we will get more toilet paper and hand sanitizer and there is none in the back room'

    Stay safe Cardinal Couple readers!

    Curtis "daggone that pillow looks good to me" Franklin

  5. 90% on this one. Got me on 7.

    I'm going camping for a few days in a remote spot. Best social distancing and way to get in exercise I know of. Be careful out there Cardinal Couple, especially you older people.

    Nick O.

  6. We will have interviews in the Wednesday Cardinal Couple with head coaches Scott Teeter (Lou. Lacrosse) and Jeff Walz (WBB).

    Be sure to read tomorrow's article and check with Cardinal Couple every day for the continuing article about the joy and excitement of Louisville women's sports.


  7. 60% both days on the quizzes. I am pretty much just into basketball and football. I do like your website though and it's a great diversion to what's going on.

    Looking forward to the coaches interviews tomorrow.

    Just a surfing Cards fan...glad I found your site and I'll be back!


  8. So sad for the Senior class 😭😭😭😭 But we have to look forward to next season Projected starting lineup
    Dana Evans
    E Balogun
    Kianna Smith
    Nyah Green
    Liz Dixons

    1. Ah, our first 2020-21 projected starters comment! With so much talent available to Walz next year, that's a bold statement but, in reality, your guess is as good as anyone's right now.


  9. 8 of 10 this time.
    I'm slipping.


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