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Monday, March 30, 2020

NCAA decision today on extra year of eligibility -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The NCAA makes a decision today on eligibility forgiveness.

All around the college athletics landscape, seniors who participated in spring sports await the decision, It is expected that the NCAA will grant the seniors an extra year, to come back and participate in the sports they were active in before COVID-19 shut down their seasons. 

How far, though, will the NCAA go?  There are questions. 

I wonder if the eligibility granting forgiveness will just apply to the seniors, or whether all participants in spring sports will get a extra year? 

Will they reach out to winter sports as well with the offer? I don't see that happening, unfortunately...but, wouldn't it be great, as Cardinal fans, if we found out that Louisville WBB seniors Jazmine Jones, Bionca Dunham, Jess Laemmle, Kylee Shook and Yacine Diop were given a chance to go one more year?  And how would Jeff Walz handle a roster of almost 20 players? 

Who is going to play for the granting of an extra year? The popular thought among many is for the NCAA to foot the bill. My guess is that the NCAA won't pick up the tab and that the schools and the individuals will be the ones picking up the cost. 

How will it affect school that, for some reason,  doesn't want a senior back for an extra year?  It's a possible scenario. Schools probably don't want to pick up the cost for a senior they are ready to cut the relationship with. Could we see a scenario where "big University" doesn't want "player B" back on the "player B" goes into a portal where other universities are able to woo and court "player B"? 

How will it affect scholarship limitations? Let's say you have 15 scholarship for the sport in question. You've recruited seven student-athletes to come in and replace your seven graduating seniors --and you've offered them scholarships. All of a sudden, you are seven over the scholarship limit if all seven seniors return, the seven incoming freshmen come in and no one else leaves the roster. 

Stacking the deck is a question as well. Let's say two or three seniors at "college A" decide to go to "college B" and join a strong group already there. I wonder if the NCAA wold allow that, or force transfers to count toward their new schools scholarship total. I can think of possible scenarios where a coach or program could basically become a national contender by picking up three or four transfers, dumping three or four seniors that they don't want back and having a all-star roster. 

The bottom line and the sensible thing here is doing what is right for the student-athlete. That's what the NCAA is in business for. 

Louisville Softball seniors Celene Funke and Caitlin Ferguson wait. Louisville Lacrosse seniors Brenna Shanahan and Allie Arcidacono wait. Louisville women's golf's Lauren Hartlage, Meghan Nay and Delaney Shah wait. Raven Neely, Anna Collins and Diana Wong wait. Six seniors on the Louisville Rowing roster wait. Track and Field student-athletes wonder.  The ball is in your court, NCAA. 

We wait for the decision, along with thousands of student-athletes across the nation.

The interviews we have been doing here will resume Wednesday. I felt this issue took priority today. I can tell you that I've secured an interview with a Louisville student-athlete alumni you won't want to miss (a BIG assist to Jared Anderson for his 'set-up' on this one), and I'm in the process of lining up another Cardinal coach for Friday. 

Stay with us each day as we continue to write about the joy and excitement of UofL women's athletics. 




  1. I think they will grant the senior the extra year in spring sports and it SHOULD apply to all the student-athletes, but the NCAA probably won't grant that.

    Sanitize, y'all. Wash, y'all.

    Curtis "Sings the opening lines to 'Hey, Jude' twice when washing his hands" Franklin.

  2. I hope college basketball is included but it doesn't look like it. Sudden end to crowning a winner hurts.


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