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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday Cardinal Couple... Jared and Upcoming Games

Jared probably likes grape slushees also...
Happy Wednesday! It’s nice to be back after taking off last week. My girlfriend braved the cold to come in town after finishing her semester finals at Florida State. Thank you to Paulie for covering for me. He should be on the way to Atlanta to see WBB face Georgia Tech on Thursday. You can catch him in Jacksonville for the bowl game before visiting Raleigh for WBB vs NC State on the way back home.

Jeff Walz and his team will have a tough ACC opener against Georgia Tech. The Yellowjackets are 11-2 with their losses coming to Baylor and Georgia. The Baylor loss was a blowout but the loss to the Bulldogs was by only a few points. Keep an eye out for sophomore Francesca Pan. She hits threes nearly as often as Asia does for us and can be an offensive threat if left open. Perhaps Louisville’s stingy defense will be able to shut her and the rest of the team down.

The schedule is completely clear for today- a rare occurrence in UofL athletics, especially since we haven’t seen any teams with games in a few days.

Football came out with news recently about Jaire Alexander and James Hearns electing to miss the bowl game and enter the NFL draft. We at Cardinal Couple wish them both the best.

Next launch pad. Jacksonville
The rest of the team arrived in Orlando yesterday early afternoon. If you were expecting warm weather down in Florida guess again. One of my coworkers is a good friend of Dr. Shea, the team doctor, and spoke with him on the phone about the 40-degree weather and mild winds. To those traveling to the game please plan on a similar temperature Saturday.

If you’re traveling to Lexington on Friday just be prepared for heavy traffic. Between the midday game and the preparation for New Years weekend travel times will not be pleasant. Thankfully that game is indoors so you won’t be suffering from the cold too much.

If you’re like me, you’ll be at work watching both the basketball game and the bowl game on tv. If we can pull off wins in both games, there is not much for me to complain about seeing that the 2017 year will have closed out on a high note.

I wish everyone a safe travel to wherever your destination may be this coming weekend and a safe and happy New Year!



We're not in Crescent Hill anymore, Toto. 
We are in Hot 'Lanta. Well, not really's mid-40's maybe here in the downtown area. It's said 'getting there' is half the battle and that held true for Wednesday, I Mapquested the trip at about seven hours but it took us over nine. Beside the usual "necessary" stops, we ran into two huge traffic on I-24 near Chattanooga and one on I-75 north of Atlanta. But...we're here. Conquered the men Interstates of Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia so far. 

Found out that the Cards WBB won't be doing any post-game interview stuff after Georgia Tech Thursday night. It's pretty much play and then dash to the airport with a 10:50 p.m. flight back to the 'Ville. Tech a pretty good team from all accounts...just two losses. Baylor and Georgia. 11-2. 

We plan a bit of sight-seeeing today before hoops tonight. McCoughtry's Ice Cream on the agenda and a few other "touristry" things before the game tonight. Day one in the books, at least we're eating well and not still in traffic. That could be interesting, driving to Jacksonville Friday. 



  1. I might mention that Georgia ranks 37th by Jeff Sagarin and an unofficial RPI ranking. Both rankings are just two places behind South Dakota State and they played us tough. This is not a team to ignore or overlook.

  2. Georgia Tech beat MTSU by 3 points, the Cards beat them (MTSU) by 54 points. If the Cards are clicking on all cylinders, I'm predicting a blow out!

    How is Stanford WBB still in the top 25 Ranking.


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