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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Poll results for WBB and Julie Sullivan offers a Christmas poem -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

It seems we may have a second poet-laureate here at Cardinal Couple. First off, the long-standing annual Sonja XMAS poem is rapidly nearing completion and sources tell me that she, the chimps, and Mike the psychedelic-eyed Clemson Tiger should have it out by the weekend. Since Mike isn't much of a proof-reader, I've gotten some glimpses of what my better half has been working on and I like what I'm seeing.  

The poem, a tradition started long ago at Howie Lindsey's fine CARDINAL SPORTS website lives on and it will be posted here and there. (I had wondered why the egg-nog and bourbon levels in the house had been shrinking...) 

Julie Sullivan, our newest writer, is also adept as a wordsmith and offers us poetry today based on a true experience from a couple of years ago. We hope you enjoy this holiday treat and that your holidays (Worldwide refers to this time of year as "Christmahanakwanzika,") are going well.  -- Paulie -- 

Less than a week before Christmas and all thru the website
The games had been covered, I have nothing to write
Paulie wrote the UofL/UK game with such clever flair
That all felt the victory, even those who were not there 

But the readers are clamoring for a new story to read
It's early Tuesday AM and the sweat starts to bead
Then, I remember an incident from two years ago
When a Cat fan and I had a battle to and fro

She put a Christmas tree in a common hallway
And from a bough, a giant Wildcat ribbon did sway
On the tree a Cardinal ornament soon did appear
When I was wrongly accused, I put it in high gear

A tree with blue? It's not the color of the season
Everyone knows Santa wears red for a reason
Her tree was soon adorned with lots of red birds
And an email she did get with the following words: 

Oh, Cardinal tree, oh Cardinal tree
How lovely are thy birdies?
Oh, Cardinal tree, oh Cardinal tree
How lovely are they birdies"

Oh, Cardinal tree, oh Cardinal tree
Such pleasure you do bring me!
Oh, Cardinal tree, oh Cardinal tree
Such pleasure you do bring me! 

And how this former Wildcat tree
Brings us such joy and glee
Oh, Cardinal tree, Oh, Cardinal tree
Such pleasure you do bring me.

Oh, Cardinal tree, oh Cardinal tree
Card/Cat games we'll be winning
A symbol of our pride and love
No other school can ring my bell
Someday Ms. J. will think you're swell. 

Oh, Cardinal tree, Oh, Cardinal tree
You'll never again need changing. 

( This column is a tip of the hat to my grandfather, who wrote each of his ten grand-kids individualized poems that accompanied our Christmas cash each year. The money was welcome but all these years later, I still miss GrandPop's cheesy rhymes. I hope I did him proud.) 

-- JC --   



If it's Tuesday morning during basketball season, and we're relatively sure it is, it's time for the weekly polls for NCAA Women's College basketball. Steady on the horizon, course remains the same for the WBB Cards in the AP, holding at third: 

1)  UConn            800 points
2)  Notre Dame    748 points
3) LOUISVILLE      740 points
4) S. Carolina       686 points
5) Miss. State       672 points

A bit of a head-scratcher, "WTH" result over at the USA Today/WBCA Coaches Poll, however, where the Cards are still in fourth behind Mississippi State. 

1) UConn             800 points
2) Notre Dame     745 points
3) Miss. State       720 points
4) LOUISVILLE      719 points
5) S. Carolina       681 points

in the RPI rankings, the Cards are sixth.

Coach Walz and the players will tell you rankings are unimportant, they take each game at a time and I have to agree. I use them primarily to see how an upcoming opponent might be situated coming into a game against UofL. 

Speaking of, the WBB squad is in Colorado and ready for Wednesday night's game against Air Force. I suspect Mr. Anderson Jared will fill us in on more of that tomorrow. FWIW, Air Force is #345 out of #349 in the RPI listings. 0-9 on the season. 

345345Air ForceMWC0-90-50-00-30-1
346346VCUAtlantic 101-70-50-11-10-0
347347Charleston So.Big South2-50-20-11-21-0
348348La.-MonroeSun Belt2-50-40-00-12-0
349349LongwoodBig South2-60-40-01-21-0



  1. Good morning card couple I notice in pictures from the practice facility in Colorado AC wearing a boot on her left foot any info.

    1. Thanks to you and the others who have informed me of this. I did a bit of inquiry and found that it is just precautionary and nothing to worry about.


    2. She probably just sneezed too hard.

      They'll put players in a boot if they even just look at a step wrong.

    3. Thanks Paulie for the update on AC.

  2. So, I've given myself a couple of days to think about this Louisville win over UK and have come to the conclusion that Cardinal fans just may be seeing one of the top three teams in Jeff Walz's coaching tenure at UofL. The 24-point win is the largest win the Cards have had over Big Blue since 12-5-10, when they beat them 78-52 in Louisville.

    UofL's defense was spectacular in that 20-5 run over the final five minutes of the first half. Even with less than desirable efforts from Dunham and Jones (a bad game now and then happens) consider this. Louisville starters played 136 of the total 200 minutes available Sunday. Walz probably could have got away with 100 minutes, but I think (JMHO) he wanted to put a bit of a drubbing on UK at UK. Why else would Syd get just 10, Kylee 16, Jess 1 and Bionca 3?

    Thoughts are welcome.

    Enjoying a coffee and watched a beautiful sunrise in Naples this morning. Go Cards, ground the Air Force. Julie, keep at the poetry. Where's my buddy David Watson with a review?

    -- The Real Joe Hill_

    1. Nice, Joe. I think Dave-O and the fam are heading to or have already arrived in Muncie to spend the Holidays with Robin's family. Either that, or he put one deep in the palm trees on hole #4 and a gator got him.


  3. Hey Julie- great poem!

    Glad to hear the AC situation isn't serious. She could easily sit out the AFA contest and wouldn't have to play till the start of ACC play on 12/28 vs GA Tech if there's any risk.

  4. Hey-O! Dave-O here! Merry Christmas or whatever that Christmahanakwanzika stands for. I'm pretty sure I have their first 8-track. A fusion Afro-pop, trance music band out of Omaha.

    We have arrived safely in Muncie and will remain through New Year's Day. Unfortunately, our plans to head to Louisville and watch Cardinal WBB on Jan. 4th. will be cancelled. Short-staffing in my wife's profession as a LPN sends us back to the land of oranges and gators earlier than we had wanted to return.

    Still, it is good to be back and with my in-laws. We will watch the MBB Cats and Cards battle at her brother's and we did watch the WBB win over Louisville-Lexington at an "establishment" that featured a lot of blue-donned patrons leaving right after in various stages of disillusionment and toxicity. I never knew Muncie had that many Cat fans. Especially in a town that has Cardinals of their own.

    Dear Mr. Walz. You are sitting on a powder keg that is getting ready to explode all over the ACC. The convincing beat-down of the Lexington felines I fully expected. Mr. Mitchell has a bit of rebuilding yet to do and Makayla Epps didn't come walking through that door -- to use and slightly alter an old axiom from years' past.

    Options. They are good to have in women's college basketball and it appears that UofL has more of them than a chocolate lover in the candy aisle at Walmart. After the Air Force flyover, the Cards are faced with an arduous five-game stretch that tosses them into do-or-die jousting which others refer to as the ACC schedule.

    It is this stretch that I feel will be crucial to UofL WBB hopes and dreams this year. A mix of road and home, top 25 and surprisingly improved opponents.

    at Georgia Tech, at NC St., Duke, Va. Tech and Notre Dame.

    Is this tougher than the first five ACC games from a a year ago?

    A look back to 2016-17 shows the Cards went 3-2 to begin conference play. Beating Syracuse, falling at Duke, winning at Virginia, beating Pitt and falling at Florida State. Three of them were top 25 when the Cards played them.

    As of today, Georgia Tech, NC State and Virginia Tech are not ranked -- but having very good non-conference success. Notre Dame is #2 and Duke #14. I''l hope for 5-0 but would settle for 4-1.

    If I don't get a chance to check in before the "fat man" gets stuck in my brother's chimney and "David on the roof" makes an ill-fated, ER trip related but comical debut -- merry Christmahanakwanzika. Just don't try and pronounce it. Especially in front of any law enforcement officials.

    If I were a rich man. Believe it or don't but I have an 8 track of Zero Mostel singing that and other songs.

    I wish you peace. And treats.

    David Watson

    1. The incomparable Mr. Watson.

      Thank you, David. Drop the michophone and walk off.

      We had originally thought about creating a Thursday article around this comment posting but I remembered I had traded days with Case and, let's face it, Dave-O isn't disappearing into the Ethernet anytime soon.

      Good luck on the roof.


    2. Bringin it huge Watson and hope you right on the money

  5. Video of Wednesday Air Force Game Available 3 pm. EST?
    I checked around and it appears that we can watch Wednesdays Air Force game by downloading the free Mountain West app.

    At least I was able to download it for free using Google Play.

    The game appears to be available without registering on the site for those who wish to stream it without other amenities.

    1. Early indications seem to be that. Internet only. Mountain West Network. Makes sense. Should a 0-9 team be charging to watch them play? They should pay those who link in to it.

      The Deb Factor

  6. #3 about right. #4 too low.


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