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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Louisville WBB 12-0... Christmas sweaters... WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Basketball Hot Start

The women’s basketball squad pulled out another lopsided win.  Coach Walz’s team downed Tennessee State 95-56.  A dozen wins and a goose egg for losses is a heck of a way to start the season.

Seven Cardinals scored in double figures and everyone who saw playing time scored.  No one made it to the double-digit column in rebound but Sam brought in nine while MHA had seven.  DOO-BLAY is in need of another double-double soon.  Maybe she’ll get one on Sunday… but we’ll get to that in a little bit…

UofL dominated down low, outscoring the Tigers in the paint 56-16.  Much of that came from the
huge number of layups.  The Cards had some trouble down low making other close shots and layups, which could’ve gotten them to the triple-digit mark had they made a few more.

The stat that didn’t impress me tonight was 17 turnovers.  As Walz has mentioned on numerous occasions this season we do see an up-tempo offensive style of play.  A fast-paced offense will lead to turnovers and 10-12 is okay.  Giving the ball away 17 teams against the #317 team in the RPI (out of 349 D1 women’s basketball teams) should not happen.  11 of those came from our post players- MHA, Bee, Kylee and Sam.

The real excitement of the night was Christmas sweater night.  Some people wore Christmas sweaters, some wore ugly sweaters, and others seemed to have left their sweaters at home.  I will attempt to get the spirited photos added to the bottom of the article so wish me luck!

(NOTE: I added his photos to the article instead of the bottom. It's what I do...meddle, tinker and destroy otherwise good write-ups.)

J-A-R-E-D report

J – jump shots: despite some missed layups the Cards shot 54.3% from the field and 47.1% from downtown.  That’s pretty darn good.  Five players made a three pointer on the night.  Capital “J”.

A – assists: we dished it out 22 times on the night.  Nine players recorded an assist.  Jazz led the way with five of her own and AC had four.  I’ll give them an assist and reward the team a capital “A”.

R – rebounds: just from watching the game I never would have believed Louisville hauled in 52 rebounds.  Nearly one-third of those were offensive.  That is quite an impressive stat.  TSU had 31 rebounds of their own.  Z had two rebounds, but every other player had at least four on the night for the ladies in Red and Black.  That’s deserving of a capital “R”.

E – effort: a few plays come to mind on effort.  The biggest play is Jazz’s acrobatic moves and she does a butt jump over a ball headed out of bounds.  AC went flying out of bounds trying to save ball in the first half.  Sam, who was feeling a little ill, managed to play 18 minutes and tie for the leader in points for the team.  Plenty of players put forth some extra effort to receive a capital “E”.

D – defense: TSU was held to their fewest point total of the season, but that was expected since none of their other opponents are anywhere as close to good as UofL.  The 56 points is the sixth most points allowed this season.  Some of those other games included top-ranked opponents like Ohio State and Oregon.  After coming off of a game where MTSU was held to 26 points I was hoping to see another sub-40 point defensive performance.  The nine blocked shots and 18 forced turnovers is a good stat though.  Lowercase “d”.

Final:  J-A-R-E-d

It wasn’t their greatest outing of the season but it’s hard to motivate yourself against a weak non-conference opponent having come off an exceptional performance on Saturday.  Also, finals wrapped up this week, so minds could have been elsewhere.  Kentucky is next on the schedule and many heads have turned to that match-up already.

Last season Louisville took the overtime win at the KFC Yum! Center.  The Wildcats will look for revenge and to get on a winning streak after dropping a pair of road games in the Sunshine State.  Rivalry games are typically close and Memorial Coliseum can get ground-shaking loud.  The ladies of Blue and White haven’t lost at home.  Walz has four and a half days to get this team prepared and I believe he will.  Paulie and Sonya will be making the trip down I-64 to give us live coverage of the game.

Emily Howell and Lacrosse

Rising senior Emily Howell found herself being a part of the United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX) College Draft.  She was drafted in the ninth round by the Boston Sotrm.  Best wishes to her in the pros!

Upcoming Radio Shows
The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour continues its entertaining session from 11-noon on Saturdays on WCHQ.  If I heard Paulie correctly we will be taking the final two Saturdays of 2017 off. We will be in this Saturday, except for me.

Work has kept me out of the studio for a month now and this coming Saturday I am stuck in a dress rehearsal before picking up my lucky lady Katy from the airport.  If you’re looking for some holiday music this weekend you can hit up the Fourth Street Live main stage at 1:00 for TubaChristmas.  Sunday afternoon at 3:00 at Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church I will be performing with the Louisville Winds for their Christmas music.  If you were to sit in the back and watch the Louisville-Kentucky game on your phone I wouldn’t blame you.

UofL vs. UK
No, I'm transferring and I won't
run that play, Matt. 

Thinking about attending UofL vs. UK in Lexngton?

Need a ticket? Huge Cardinal fan Jerry Smith bought 50+ of them so Cardinal fans could sit together.
You can call him at 502-426-9794 to get one or a few. $9 each. In Memorial Coliseum Sunday at 3 p.m.  Also, his e-mail is if you want to check that way. Go support the Cards WBB squad in Lexington. Call Jerry. 

Closing Thoughts

-- Sam Purcell once again led the way with the festive outfits at WBB.

-- I’m ready to get back in the studio in 2018.

-- There’s some exciting games for WBB, MBB, and football before we conclude the calendar year so buckle up and hold on tight!

-- Can we go undefeated for 2017? For games left until 2018 gets here. I think we can! 

Go Cards!




  1. Great chemistry with this club. I was gonna weigh in on most improved ballers but I'm going to wait till after UK. Time to Put Up...a win in Lexington will be a big deal. I hear Guv has taken to the corners selling newspapers so she has enough $ to cover that CC pledge...

    Great Pics of Ugly Sweater Night...Nice Job.

  2. Nice work by JARED today and the Cards last night. This team is special.


  3. This is a real good blend of young ladies on this team.
    From the Senior class(AC included ) to the freshman class,
    Wow let's enjoy the ride.
    GO CARDS! Let's beat them Cats.


  4. Yes MHA does need another double double. I'm hoping to see this senior on the court a little more then 15 to 20 minutes! Come on man! It's her senior year!

    1. The Bird Lady12/13/2017 4:12 PM

      You will get Your wish come Sunday and ACC play. These games were a chance to get experience and film to study on the younger players.

    2. The Bird Lady12/13/2017 4:19 PM

      Great write up Jared! Nice photos too. Sunday is going to be fun. Debating on wearing my Santa suit and sign again.

  5. It’s funny how we carried anywhere between 13-15 players the last two years, but this is the first year since that number one recruiting class in 2015 that team has been considered “deep”? And that’s only with 11 active players available. Shows you can have a lot of potential “talent” on the roster, but it’s a matter of what that talent does to improve that will determine if your depth is really depth. Good job ladies. Now the second half of this season will prove where we are and determine where we wanna go.

  6. Just got off the phone with Paulie. He's got the stomach bug going on and is trying to get better for Sunday's game. Says he's not sure how he got through last night against TN. State. Feel better, Paulie and GO CARDS, BEAT EVERYONE!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  7. Feel better Paulie. My GF just went through that and she was down for about a week. I didn't catch it from her but I was washing and dis-infecting the whole time. Having seen what it put her through, my thoughts are with you, buddy. Rest and hydrate, man.

    You looked a little pale at the game last night. Yes, I spy on you from my seat. Ha, Ha.

    Blue Lou.

  8. The Bird Lady12/13/2017 11:41 PM

    Feel better Paulie!

  9. Feel better Paulie. Get well soon, need your thoughts on UK v UofL game Sunday.

    I'm thinking we kill the Kitties up there. Readers?

    Nick O.


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