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Friday, December 22, 2017

Summertime? -- Changes ahead -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

One could be excused for thinking it's summertime for the moment.

In addition to the mid to upper 50s temperature...ok, that's not quite summertime temps, but still pretty warm for December...and a bit of a lull in athletic activity happening at UofL, we have a bit of a reprise of the summertime lull.

WCHQ new home (by day) 
Let's talk a little bit about WCHQ, our wonderful hosts for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour on Saturday mornings.  As we've mentioned before, we won't be the air this Saturday or next because WCHQ is in the process of moving their studio facilities.  WCHQ will no longer be "A Basement on a Hill", in fact, it will no longer be in a basement at all.  The station manager, Kathy, who we refer to as Monk on the show, has purchased a building at the corner of Mellwood and Stevenson Ave...perhaps dangerously close to Apocalypse BrewWorks.  Much of the "disassembly" process of the gear at the Frankfort Avenue location has already been in progress.  The streaming systems have already been relocated to the new facility which already has new Internet access setup and running.

The new facility will have a whole new control board created from day "1" to be used to manage a radio station, rather than cobbled together tour gig equipment patched together to get the job done (Kathy's description).  The current/previous location of the studio, and it's proximity to some other residences and businesses, really limited what could be done in studio for live performances.  They needed to heavily restrict drum sets and amplification in-studio in order to try to be good neighbors to the restaurant upstairs as well as some residences in close proximity.  Load in and load out of equipment will be much easier at the new facility because it will be on the ground floor and there will be fewer, and more easily negotiated steps.  Not being in a basement and having challenging steps will also just generally make the studio more easily accessible for mobility challenged folk...people with bum knees, for example.

The new studio space is freshly renovated and painted, making for a nicer atmosphere overall, it also will have some amenities that the previous one did not, such as a green room.

WCHQ new home (by night).
Much of the work to move equipment will be done this weekend, Paulie, Sonya and I will all be there to help out as much as we can, and the new studio is anticipated to be up and running by January 2nd so you can look for the return of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour on January 6th.  We're excited for the new digs and are proud of our association with this up and coming resource for local music, activity, and news.  We have our niche in covering UofL women's athletics, and I don't think we could have a better radio host and partner than WCHQ in town.

Paulie's side show, Handicapping Heroes, a look at handicapping/horse-racing, will also emanate from there when the ponies return to Keeneland this spring.

With all of that said, that means that there will not be a Cardinal Couple Radio Hour broadcast this Saturday nor next Saturday.  We had toyed with the idea of pre-recording something to send in and get on the playlist, but the stars did not align correctly for that (and frankly, I've been busy doing last minute Christmas shopping).

Looking forward to settling in to a new seat "to the left" of Paulie.



  1. Excellently done, Jeff. I, too am excited about our radio move. We find that radio helps augment and embellish what we do here. We appreciate the venue, the outlet to help us get the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports and Cardinal Athletics out there.

    I hope to also continue to provide the Monday-Friday morning Sports Shorts recap for The Morning Jam (7-9 a.m.) on WCHQ.

    We will no longer be using the terminology "Crescent Hill Radio". We are WCHQ 100.9 FM (and damn glad to meet ya!)


  2. The Bird Lady12/22/2017 1:46 PM

    Yay for Kathy and the station. I saw it in deconstruct mode and excited to see the finished building. Kathy has had a great vision in creating the station and building it into something special. Here's too continued success!

    1. The Bird Lady12/22/2017 1:47 PM

      To ... I do know the difference between to, too and two

  3. Excellent. You'll be tested on their, there and they're next.

  4. They're demonstrating over there for their rights.

    (UK fans, arguing that they are relevant in SEC WBB)


  5. The annual Sonya XMAS poem (as posted on Howie's site)

    The Sonya Annual XMAS poem

    Once again Christmas rolls around
    It couldn't come too soon!
    After the year we've all been through
    Let 2017 go like a helium balloon!

    The "Coffeeman" has held it together
    Here at the site, with Howie, too.
    Gamedaynut and gocds
    Have endured the taunts of blue.

    There were some good things that went on
    In this year about to leave.
    We saw the crowning of Brandon McKay
    Gee, I hated to see him leave!

    Donovan Mitchell hit the road
    And decided to dig some Jazz
    He likes it! They like him! He's pretty good.
    (I think even Zipp likes his razzamataz! )

    We got another season of Lamar
    He bravely led the way
    The Heisman voters missed the mark
    He's the best to ever play!

    I sat down with Walz. We had some Cocoa.
    (We even gave Matt Willinger a chance to concur)
    We all agreed that it's great, indeed, to
    Be able to watch Asia Durr.

    CardsFirst always is the motto here
    From soccer to softball, and even lacrosse
    I'm sure none of us are crying about hiring
    a Teeter and telling Young to get lost.

    Meanwhile, over in the wet Ralph Wright
    Succesful splashing continues forward.
    How great it's been to see Kelsi
    And amazing Mallory Comerford!

    Bobwest told me PervisGriffith did agree
    That despite all the media negativity
    It's the students that matter in the final chapter
    Let's all be proud of their productivity.

    Yes, we've seen the president office go Postal
    And Rick and Tom have gone away
    But we did receive accrediation
    And athletics are being held together by Tyra.

    They can bash us on the road
    Make up slanderous chants, hold up stupid signs
    Pull out our birdteeth, bash us to smithereens
    But they'll never defeat us or break our lines.

    Because we chose the Cardinals
    The red and Black so dear.
    Administrative fluff and bureaucratic stuff
    Won't quell my urge to cheer.

    So order up a TBone and wash it down
    With some Cardiac Red (some quarts?)
    Maybe a bottle for Cardfanbudman
    While he watches UofLSports .

    Let the Rentalman find 2330859
    Ways to cheer the Cardinals on
    Give us some Cardinal Cash and off we go
    To celebrate on the Jacksonville lawn.

    So, as we plunge into 2018
    Let's do it with pride and joy.
    Cheering each win, rasing our "L"s
    So many things to enjoy!

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas
    And a very Happy New Year.
    If you see me down in Florida
    How about a cup o' cheer?


  6. Great poem Sonja!

    It is 18 games in regular ACC play?

    Curtis "31-0 WBB-- buy those leftover UK shirts from a few years ago" Franklin

  7. Hey Sonja - Great Job! Hope you and Paulie have a great holiday down South and looking forward to an amazing 2018 for Louisville women's sports.

  8. Nice Xmas poem Sonja, Merry Christmas to the Cardinal Couple & the Cards Nation.Go Cards!!!


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