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Saturday, December 16, 2017


The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

The last couple of days have been articles mostly related to news, rather than sport. I haven't seen any new stuff come across the wire since yesterday, and Jeff covered graduation in his Friday piece. I briefly perused the Louisville athletic site to determine if there was anyway to find out the majors of some of our favorite players, but was unable to do so. At any rate, with a big game tomorrow, and nothing much having happened this week, I figured I would leave the rivalry preview for tomorrow and I would give our readers a bit of a break, as I need one myself after a long couple of weeks at work.

While there isn't much I have to say on the pages this morning, I feel quite confident that the words will flow at the microphone during the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour. As many of you may have seen via Facebook and some mentions here at the site, the studio for WCHQ FM is moving locations. During this transition period, there will be no live shows on the channel. That means today is the last live Cardinal Couple Radio Hour that you will find until the New Year. There will be quite a bit of basketball and the bowl game for football between today and the next show. From what I hear, Paulie may be trying to work out a brief recording to fill some space so that your weekly "Cardinal Couple Radio Hour" time is not completely empty. If you really need your fix, you can go to the WCHQ website and access past broadcasts just to hear us rib each other.

Sometimes it can feel a bit wild in studio.
Today's show is sure to be full of basketball chatter. All of our other fall sports are done or otherwise irrelevant at the current moment, and there are big games on the horizon for Louisville WBB. Paulie, Jeff, and myself will be joined in studio by Julie Sullivan, another knowledgeable fan of WBB. Paulie will bring you the insider info many others don't have, Jeff will bring the snark, Julie will bring the true fan view, and I'll try to hold everyone (including myself) together. We'll see how well I can achieve my task. The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour airs on 100.9 WCHQ FM from 11AM to noon. Today's broadcast will take you right up to the men's basketball game against Memphis State. If you aren't in the broadcast area of the station, you can listen along on the WCHQ app or the website, at Come along and join us!

Until next time, Go Cards!


  1. Good show today. I am like Worldwide. I think UK game will be a close down to the wire affair. I'd like to be wrong.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Where is preview of biggest game of the year for Lady Cards?


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