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Monday, December 11, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- After 11 games. -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

We apologize for the late edition of Cardinal Couple today. Two of us, that I know of, aren't feeling so great but Paulie has managed to rise from the sack and cover Case with an article, of sorts. I hope to feel better tomorrowad proof read JC's entry before posting it. If not, you get what you get...


I definitely DON'T feel like this today
With Tennessee's win over #2 Texas yesterday, is there any doubt that the University pf Louisville women's basketball team will move up in the DI WBB polls? The official polls will come out after today's article...but I can easily see the Cards going to at least #3 in the nation at 11-0 and with a little divine province, one could make the argument for #2 over Notre Dame, who has one loss. 

It has been an exemplary season for the 12 that call themselves Cardinals and since we are roughly 1/3 of the way through the season, let's take a look at the squad with a trimester report, of sorts.

KNOW THE SCORE? 11 games in and Louisville has 918 points on the season. That's 83.4 a game. They've allowed 608, which breaks down to 55.2 per contest.  28.2 points the average margin of victory. Even without Lamar Jackson throwing TD's. 

KNOWING WHO SCORES.  Asia Durr leads Louisville with  202 points (18.4 points a game). In double figures with her is Myisha Hines-Allen with 146 points (13.2 a night). Jazz Jones rounds out the trifecta with 105  points (9.5 an outing). Those numbers show that these three are responsible for 49.3 % of the Cards point total. 

OFF THE GLASS. Louisville has 443 rebounds on the season.  (40.3 a game) Opponents have 321  (29.1%). MHA leads UofL with 106 (9.6) a contest. 

WHERE ARE THESE STUMBLEBUMS FROM?  The Cards have played four schools from our neighbors to the south Tennessee. Two from Ohio. One each from in-state, South Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan and Oregon. Eight in the KFC YUM! Center, three on the road. 

WHERE ARE OUR HEROES FROM? UofL has two players each from in-state, New Jersey and California. One each from Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, New York and  Colorado. 

SEVENTY-PLUS. The Cards have scored 70+ in all their games except one...a 68-64 win at SD State. 

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!  Here's some grades from Professor Paulie. I've sent them to the UofL Academic offices as well, they ought to boost a few GPA's 

PERFORMANCE:  Gotta give them an "A" here because they have not lost. 

EFFORT:  I'll go with a B+ here. Trailing S.D. State early and fumbling with IU a bit keep this from being an "A". 

MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER:  Step forward Asia Durr and accept the award. She would probably hand it right back to me and tell me she doesn't pay attention to her individual efforts, it'd the team that matters. 

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER:  This is a toughie but I'll go with Jazmine Jones. Second on the squad in rebounds, third in scoring and a starter this year. Some may argue this with me. Feel free to present your arguments in the comment section. 

That's gonna do it for today. Back to the sack and need to hydrate. I'm praying this crud isn't the flu and just a 24-48 hour stomach bug. 

Here's hoping for a better Tuesday...



  1. Cards move up to #3 in the AP

  2. I'll vote for Fuehring as most improved. Jones's bad turnovers relegate her to second place.

  3. The player that come to mind is AC playing good defense passing & shooting the ball well.
    AC for president.

  4. You really can't go wrong with either Jones, Carter or Fuehring. I say Jones also. Despite the occasional error, this is a player that has mastered the mid-range jumper and is getting better on defense.

    The beauty of it is that the Cards can regularly go 10 deep and not be losing much, if anything, on the floor. I'll toss Jess Laemmle in there, also. Can run a capable point if Carter or Evans don't show up on a particular night with their best.

  5. Most outstanding player MHA! Most rounded player IMHO. Asia may have more points but those rebounds MHA grabs are just as valuable.And I see yet another missed double double that was clearly in her reach but again 20 to 23 minutes of time played. Imagine if she actually played 30 35 minutes those games? She would have rocked it! Good luck tonight Cards!

  6. Agreed MHA is the Acc Player of the year IMHO. She's a Senior with a good supporting cast. She doesn't have to carry the load bye her self. Also every position can score the ball and play good defense this year.
    Go Cards!

    1. Very very true! Flashy is good but basics are what keeps you grounded! Rebounding,assist,steals and unselfish play! Seems like MHA fits the categories! Enjoy the game tonight!


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