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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Julie Sullivan Makes Some New Year's (and old year) Predictions -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It seems to be a "thing" with our newest writers here at the Couple. They like to go out on the ledge, make predictions and deal with the aftermath later. Who could forget Jared's both prophecy that Field Hockey's Minnie Mink would average two goals a game last fall? Minnie did her best to make Mr. Anderson look like a "stinking genius" and did score 11 times in 22 contests. And, of course, Jared claims he was misquoted and actually said a goal every two games and not two goals every game. Archived audio denies that. 

Our newest writer Julie Sullivan staggers out of the sick bed today to climb in that clown car and fire a few predictions out of the Cardinal Couple cannon. All we can say is that her thoughts do not represent those of the staff and management of Cardinal Couple and that if you've down-range of her salvo....DUCK! Without any further adieu, "JC" takes us into the future...


This is my last scheduled article before the new year so I thought I would use it to make some predictions. 

1) For better of worse. All those with interim in their titles get the permanent gig. Postel, Tyra and Padgett are here to stay. 

2) Getting the upset. The Men's basketball team upsets UK. Yeah, yeah, yeah technically this is not a 2018 prediction but it is the deciding factor in Padgett getting the nod from my first prediction. 

3) Off to the show. Lamar Jackson enters the draft and is the third quarterback taken. He'll go somewhere in the mid to late first round. 

4) 26-0. The Women's Basketball team, though faced with some tough tests, remains unbeaten into February. Their first loss comes in a hearbreakingly close loss at UConn. 

5) Removal.  The NCAA appeal does not go UofL's way and nthe 2013 National Championship banner comes down. 

6) Replacement.  The empty space where the banner hung  doesn't stay empty for long. The WBB squad avenge the loss to UConn in the Final Four and bring home their first National Championship. 

7) So long Sam. Sam Purcell, associate women's basketball coach, accepts a head coaching job . He is replaced by Beth Burns. 

8) LAX attacks. With a small roster but a new coach and attitude, the Lacrosse team bonds. Much like Volleyball did this fall, Louisville Lacrosse defies expectations with at least 12 wins in the regular season, a good showing in the ACC Tournament and another NCAA bid. 

9) 4-0. Cardinal Athletics goes 4-0 to end the year with a football win over Mississippi St., WBB wins over Georgia Tech and NC State and the MBB squad defeating the Cats. Again, this is a 2017 prediction, but one I think will develop and get me off to a great predicting start. 

10) Pearsall Power.  Louisville Softball finds success in a few of the "new arms" they have in the circle and with a combination of new and old on the field and at the plate...does well in ACC play and makes it to the NCAA Tournament Round of 16. 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Here's to a wonderful 2018 for all readers and all Cardinal Sports. 

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments section. 



  1. 26-0 for women sounds pretty good. I vote for that one!

  2. Predicting Purcell leaving is a stretch. He seems very, very comfortable at Louisville.

    1. The Bird Lady12/26/2017 9:33 PM

      I don't want him to leave. I just see him being ready for a head coaching gig.

  3. I'm gonna say he'll eventually have his own program somewhere. Knowing Sam, it'll be a long-thought out, wise choice.



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