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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! -- CARDINAL COUPLE


Wishing you the best for 2016 from all of us 
here at Cardinal Couple. Starts today with WBB
against a very talented team from Tallahassee in  
FSU at 4 p.m. at the KFC YUM! Center that 
should be a very good game. We'll have the 
recap later today.

             ( The "not ready for high society" crew New Year's Eve.) 



  1. Today's Courier is treating the women's game like like it did in the 70's. Nothing there in my sports section. Not only a blank about the cardinals but also a blackout concerning the existence any women's basketball beyond line / box scores.
    Same thing in an earlier game where a poster made the same observation - where some editions had a small article and others such as mine did not.
    Great start to the new year CJ.

    Keep it up and I will cancel my recently started subscription as I won't supplement a paper with such blatant discriminatory practices!

  2. San Francisco Chronicle does a nice job of including WBB inside their college basketball coverage. Mostly Cal and Stanford but also other top games across the country get coverage.

  3. I think that's the Courier's way of saying they think the team stinks this year. Com'on Cards!!!

  4. Using that reasoning, after today's S. Florida win, should we now expect to see a 1/2 page article on the UL women B-ball team tomorrow or will they find another excuse to ignore the existence of the women's team as they did until not that many years ago?

    Funny, during those same decades 70's... the football team was so bad that there was discussion of disbanding it and free tickets were thrown at students... but the Courier Journal and Louisville Times kept writing articles on game days.

  5. We have, in the past, called the CJ and complained about the lack of coverage for women's sports. The response was that their readers weren't interested. So, we were no longer interested in the CJ.

  6. Not being a Louisville local I'm surprised they don't get much newspaper coverage. I would think they would based on attendance figures.


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