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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Louisville women's basketball faces Duke today -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


The University of Louisville women's basketball team will square off against #16/18 Duke today in snowy Louisville, KY at 1 p.m. today...of that we're certain. 

The question is which Duke squad will take Denny Crum Court to face the Cards? The one that demolished Wake Forest 95-68 a few nights ago or the one that got blown out of the water at Syracuse 86-50 last Sunday? 

Overall, the Blue Devils are having an fairly good season at 12-4 (1-1) and their is star power laced throughout the lineup. Owensboro's Rebecca Greenwell, USA U 19 performer Azura Stevens, Spanish team U 19 star Angela Salvadores and the tri-headed paint monsters Odewah Chidom, Amber Henson and Erin Mathies are all capable of blowing up the scoreboard and stat sheet any time they take the court. 

Will they against rising Louisville, though? Where do the Cards fit into the scheme of things between Syracuse and Wake Forest in opponent capabilities? 

Duke's losses, at least on paper are pretty plausible. Falling to Texas A&M, South Carolina and Joanne P. McCauley probably wouldn't mind if she doesn't see any SEC schools until next season. Syracuse is as good as advertised...height, shooting and defense.  

For Louisville to knock off another top-20 opponent today, we'll review the FRED  primer. If the Cards can shoot over 70% from the foul line, rebound successfully against the tall Durham, NC front line, make those easy inside shots and layups and play the defense they exhibited against the "Tech's" last week...Louisville just might improve to 12-5 and 4-0 in conference. If the Cards shooting and defense is a cold as the weather outside could get ugly in the KFC YUM! Center. 

We'll hope to see The Big Three ( Mariya Moore, Myisha Hines-Allen and Briahanna Jackson ) hit with consistency and Cortnee Walton continue being the chair-woman of the boards. Any auxiliary additions from Arica Carter, Asia Durr and the other freshmen would be a welcome site. With Duke's size and rebounding prowess...Walz may have to dip into the reserves of Sam Fuehring and Erin DeGrate significant relief minutes. 

We'll know around 3 o'clock this afternoon how well Redemption Train did on this rough stretch of track. It's a ESPN 3 Don Russell and Sara White will be providing their interpretations of the action and Paulie and Sonja will probably be viewing this one in the end zone...for all of those who like to play pre-game "Where's Paulie?" 



Adoring fans line the sidewalk to Crescent Hill Radio
studios...hoping to catch a glimpse of Worldwide or Paige
Yes, it was a wonderful time and broadcast yesterday on the highly acclaimed CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR show. Swish Appeal and CSZ women's basketball columnist Paige Sherrard joined Worldwide and I for discussion, review, preview and analysis of Louisville Softball, Volleyball, Lacrosse and women's basketball.

The rebroadcast should be available later today on the Crescent Hill Radio Soundcloud. Or, you could just call up Paige or Worldwide and ask them to re-create it via cell phone. Maybe you could do your own interpretation of the show and send it to us. We'd probably listen to it. Maybe you'd like us to come to your house and do it live in your living room or carport. We'd probably need cab fare...




  1. Duke, in spite of the Syracuse fiasco, is a dangerous team. They are tall and we do not always fare well against a tall front line. However, I have faith that the cards, through sheer determination, strength of character and the abundant pool of talent they possess, will make me proud.

    1. We seemed nervous the whole first quarter against Va Tech esp. Jackson. Her shots were short all night. Hopefully the jitters are gone. I didnt realize Duke was that tall. That's a real problem for us, especially if they can post up inside. Walton doesn't match up well against big strong players. We need more offense/moves to the basket from Walton but I don't see it in her game yet. That hurts us that we have no complement inside to go with Hines-Allen. I see Duke winning but what an opportunity for us. At home and if we win we probably will leap all the way into the top 20.

    2. 4-0!!! Awesome win. Paulie, this might be controversial but we have 5 coming in next year and 0 graduating. We only have 12 roster spots right?

    3. I think there are 13 scholarships available in WBB. I see what you're saying...the numbers don't quite work out...but that's something I'm quite sure Coach Walz has a plan for and will work out.

    4. Actually it is 15 for Division 1 women's basketball. He has 12 currently. The chances are one or two may transfer, seems like there are every year. Will Syd Brackemyer be able to ever play? That's one. Will all five in the incoming class be able to play right away? There are so many options and scenarios that could play out. For example, what if Henderson does come back? I agree with Paulie. Coach Walz knows what he is doing so let the man do some work.

      Nick O.

  2. Will be curious as to fan attendance today. Think it will show the true core number of supporters of the women as they have to out rank the men's game, Teddy and the weather.

    I predict that the total attendance would shock and thrill 90% of the other women's teams.

    Go Cards!

    1. I just can't understand why any WBB fans / season ticket holders would stay at home to watch men or Teddy on TV. This is the second-best home game of the entire season and it is huge as regards rest of year. And I say that as a big fan of both the men's program and Teddy.

    2. Attendance 11,342 .

  3. I said i would be curious and that it would show the true supporters.

    I think we got our answer. I am home tonight watching Teddy on tape. Apparently many others put their machines to work also.

    Go Cards!


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