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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Softball banquet: All about the appreciation -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


There was a consistent theme at the UofL Softball Bullpen Club Dinner Saturday night at the Brown & Williamson Club in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and it dealt with appreciation.   

Appreciation from the players on being able to play at Louisville and with their teammates. Appreciation from head Softball coach Sandy Pearsall for her players, staff, sponsors of the program and the attendance of the appreciation for keynote speaker Lauren Chamberlain.

Chamberlain continued the theme during her remarks, encouraging the players to appreciate their college years and the chance to play college softball. She also encouraged them to keep up the positive attitude that was present during the evening's events and appreciate the efforts of their teammates, coaches and fans.

We were certainly appreciative of being there and Sonja and I ran into Worldwide shortly upon arrival and appreciated the chance to talk with and interview some great people.

Coach Pearsall was effusive in her remarks about the crowd, the players and the upcoming speaker. We also got a few words in with the "pros"...both Whitney Arion and Kelsi Jones were in attendance. Both were able to play professional softball after graduation this summer. Arion is a softball coach now at Eastern Kentucky University and Jones working in an administrative capacity at Ball State. 

We saved our final interview for the chance to speak with the Soles sisters...Kayla graduated and working with 8-12 year olds...teaching them the fundamentals of the game and sophomore sister Jamie working to gain a spot in the Cardinal infield this season. 

We'll have all the interviews on the next CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR...and they were great fun to conduct. 

Sonja and I were fortunate enough to be at the table where redshirt sophomore outfielder Nicole Pufahl and sophomore utility player Ashley Nikolao and her parents were sitting. Both were stunning in their dresses (one gets used to seeing them in uniforms and when the girls get dressed up for events like this, it's a pleasant surprise and sight for viewing) and the two will be part of the power contingent that Pearsall will send to the plate against foes this season. 

Keynote speaker Chamberlain was a delight to listen to and the post-address interview with emcee Sean Moth revealed that she's been fortunate enough to meet and talk with stars Peyton Manning and Justin Bieber. 

The evening ended all too soon and it was a great night of casual conversation with old and new friends and a chance to hear from the girls that will be shaping the future of college softball at Louisville. A time to be appreciative. 

As Chamberlain commented during her address: 

" I'd give anything in the world to trade places with you and be sitting where you are right now...with a season ahead of you and so many great experiences and opportunities ahead. Appreciate them, because when they are over...I can tell'll miss them so much and wish you were still playing college softball." 

(And Coach Pearsall would probably appreciate her bat in the lineup this season). 


The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour from yesterday is now up and available on the Crescent Hill Soundcloud. Another fun show! 



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