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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Durr-Able -- Tuesday Cardinal Couple


Prior to the Louisville WBB nine-game win streak, highly heraled freshman Asia Durr was averaging a little over 10 points per game in the five contests she played in. Beginning with the 12/13/15 win over IUPUI, Durr has scored 78 points in the nine games (8.6 ppg) in roughly 20 minutes a game. Fourth leading scorer on a squad that currently has three players averaging close to fourteen points a game or better. 

Contributions cannot always be measured in terms of points scored, however, and a confident Asia Durr is one of the key reasons that the Cards have jumped into a top-25 ranking and are undefeated in ACC play. 

Ask Duke head coach Joanne P. McCauley after Duke's loss to Louisville:

"I thought 25 [Durr] did a great job for them. Durr...she's a terrific player and showed great poise as a do what she did....they didn't have Durr early...Durr's a big difference for them...she might be the best player on their team and she's a terrific basketball player. She has the right kind of poise. She doesn't get rattled." 

That from a coach who was in the mix for the Douglasville, GA player...along with Maryland, Baylor, Tennessee, Notre Dame and Louisville. Against the Blue Devils, Durr delivered 15 points...her second-highest output of the season...on 6-17 shooting...three threes, two assists, two steals and just one turnover and foul in 28 solid minutes...her longest playing time of the season.

Durr is averaging 11.25 ppg in the four ACC games she and her teammates have played in and has eight steals. She's also had just two turnovers. With her and Briahanna Jackson....Louisville has dual threats at the shooting guard positions, opponents have to be prepared for different styles and multiple skills when either is in the contest. 

When a foe has the ball, the clear and present danger is that the Louisville defense has not allowed anyone to score 70 points since early December....and held ACC foes to an average of 56.5 points per game. 

Playing through the pain has been a big part of her success. Hampered by a groin injury since the summer of 2015, there was concern about further injury...but test results from the doctors indicated that the injury was healing well and there was no chance of aggravating the groin, just the pain of healing. The words were a catalyst in her performance. Dealing with pain management is a lot easier than dealing with the psychological worry of further injury. 

The dictionary describes durable as: "able to withstand wear, pressure or damage". Perhaps there should be a picture of Asia Durr next to the description. 

Louisville has the steady scoring of Myisha Hines-Allen and Mariya Moore. Walz knows he's going to get 100% + effort out of Jackson anytime she is on the court. He has said that Cortnee Walton is the best rebounder he has seen in his twenty years of coaching. 

With Arica Carter and Taja Cole giving the Cards steady minutes at the point...Durr's emergence as that fourth threat to put up huge offensive numbers is another headache for ACC coaches as the season continues and gives Louisville seven players that Walz can confidently insert in tight situations. Erin DeGrate's stock is rising rapidly in the paint and gives the Cards that much needed third option to control the boards if Walton or Hines-Allen have to ride the pines because of fouls. If the Cards can maintain a solid nucleus of 8-9 players that can give Louisville the consistency and dependability each night...this team is a legitimate and dangerous threat for the post-season.  

There are tests ahead for this Louisville squad. A three-game road trip that culminates with very dangerous Syracuse. Heading to North Carolina and then hosting Notre Dame in a three-day span. No one in the ACC can be over-looked or considered an automatic win. From here on out...each game is critical, all opponents just as dangerous as each other.  

Four down and 12 to go in conference play. Did you predict the Cards to be 4-0 at this point of the ACC? Did you see Louisville at 12-5 overall? And how will the Cards fare in the final 13 games before they enter ACC Tournament play? 

The redemption train gets back on the tracks for stops in Virginia, North Carolina and New York. The wheels are rolling smoothly, the bumps have been few lately and the tracks are clear ahead. Open the throttle and full speed ahead! 



  1. Durr looks better every game. I know that she only hit 6 of 17 shots against Duke but about 15 of those shots were good ones. She has already put her imprint on this team and she will continue to do that for the next 3+ seasons.

    I did find it odd that at the Duke game Sean Moth started saying "Asia!" after made shots. Not sure that I like that. I didn't recall him doing that for anyone else during the game. She's an exciting, talented player but so are Moore, Hines-Allen, Walton, Jackson and others. I know he did that for Jude Schimmel but that was a unique situation when both sisters were often on the court at the same time. Walz's is not a star-driven system.

    1. Sean is a phenomenal PA announcer (and play-by-play guy when he's on radio/TV duty). You will, however, find him try out different ways of announcing players names over time...particularly early in their careers.

      He has particularly used just-the-first-name for players who are playing particularly well. Lola Arslanbeckova being the prominent example of was kind of a sing-songy "Lola" (higher pitch on the "Lo" an interval of about a 3rd or a 4th for the musically inclined). Maya McClendon got that treatment, "Maya" a few times this season in volleyball.

      Sara Hammond was never announced as "double-zero" for her number, preferring "double-ought" instead.

      Basically, any time he diverges for the "norm", it's pretty much a sign of respect for their skill and such. I've found her usually has some sort of signature way of announcing all of the particularly good players...though some, such as the use of the first name only, stand out more than others.

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