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Saturday, January 30, 2016 far can you go? Saturday Cardinal Couple


See how they run...this 2015-16 version of the Louisville women's basketball team...since the beginning of the new year. The Cards are a tractor...they keep mowing down the opponents. 

8-0 against the Tech's, the States, a couple of Carolina's, an Orange and a Tiger. 

How many saw that coming for the Louisville women's basketball squad? Especially after floundering through November? 

Yes it's true...Louisville women's basketball is out-producing the Pitino product and atop the ACC. Go gnash your teeth on that, underhand free throw fans. What ya got to counter? You're the second-best bakletball team on campus.

Wake Forest visits next. They might want to detour to the Jefferson or Bernheim forests nearby and spare the humiliation of a beating down by the river. No one has gotten within 10 against the Cards in the newly-formatted Stalag 13 (a.k.a. KFC YUM! Center) and the Demon Deaconesses don't look to be the one's to bust that up. If I have to take my pants off one more time at Checkpoint, never mind...

Notre Dame, however...the next visitor to the lock-down after Wake goes home...does look quite capable of busting up the undefeated streak at the Pizza Palace. If Louisville doesn't go 8-0 in the second half of ACC play, you'll probably be able to wag that finger toward the Irish. One of these days, Walz will field a team that will muffle Muffet. It probably isn't the 2015-16 squad but we can still hope... 

Let's look at it. After Wake quakes on the Denny Crum Court, the Cards travel to face a UNC squad that has been plummeting. After the Notre Dame visit, Louisville WBB gets bottom-feeder Pitt, a non-conference tilt against a very good USF squad and then Virginia, B.C., Miami and Pitt again. 

If Walz can't go better than 5-3 in February, he might want to hand his clipboard to one of the security guards at the YUM! exit and take up lawn care or stand-up comedy. Maybe they lose to Muffett and Jose. Miami is tough on their home court. Anything past that is an expected win. 

You're seeing a team that is finally "getting it" and no longer needs the training wheels or the night-light when you look at these current Cardinals. Undaunted and un-intimidated.

And that equates to some very fun potential hoops over the next two months. Go be a part of it. Represent. 



The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour airs at 11 a.m. today. Looks like me and Worldwide, no Sam and a long-shot chance at getting Paige behind the microphone. Seems the Cardinal guys have a game today and...yeah, we're used to it...people got stuff to do. We're non-profit and we're used to it. It's not like this gig is going to lead us or our paricipants to the big time.

Nevertheless, we have a great show planned with recaps and preview of hoops, lacrosse, swimming/diving and our incredible audio of the Softball banquet, Syracuse and Clemson games, Sam's chat with Asia Durr and a quiz.

You know what we do and how to get there. Give a listen.



  1. I think I can say that the basketball season is not a surprise. Being rank 8th in the preseason was unrealistic and when you have such a young team, it takes a while to get them in sinq. I think Jeff Walz has done a fantastic job. BTW, even better? Just wait til next year.

  2. Looks like Sylvia Hatchell won't be on the sidelines when we play at UNC. She got suspended for two games for John Wayning a ref during their Duke game. May not be a big deal but certainly won't help UNC.

    1. It looks like actually she will be on the sidelines for us...weird way of serving suspensions.

    2. That's strange. Article I read said she was out vs UL but it looks like yours has the assistant out for our game and Hatchell coaching. As if UNC doesn't already have enough issues...

  3. I would rather have Sylvia coaching against us for our game rather than her assistant.

  4. Be interesting to see a game between us and UCLA. Jordon Canada and cast of young fresh soph vs ours. Be a great test.
    Cal is 2-7 in PAC 12. That is a tough league this year.
    South Florida will be a nice gauge to see where we are Feb 20

  5. Anyone notice awesome coaching job by Western Ky ! Wow! After Gooch and another top player graduated they're still doing great.
    Who would you rank as top 3 conferences in WCBB?

    1. Wow...narrowing it down to a top three is tough. I'll go with ACC, SEC and Pac 12 but arguments could certainly be made for the BIG 10 and BIG 12. Even the AAC has strength in USF and UConn.


  6. Notre Dame's two games before our showdown are @Duke and home NC State. We each could be 10-0 going into it.
    THAT would be awesome.


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