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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Have a Great New Years Eve! -- Thursday CARDINAL COUPLE

Congratulations to the Louisville Football team 
for their win over Texas A&M in the Music City
Bowl Wednesday night! From all of us here at 
CARDINAL COUPLE...we hope you have a a great
(and safe) New Year's Eve and we'll see you New
Years Day in the KFC YUM! Center for the start 
of the Cards ACC women's basketball schedule
against Florida State at 4 p.m.



  1. Happy New Year Paulie and Sonja.

    Looking forward to 2016 - starting tomorrow afternoon. See you at the Yum!

  2. I think we have a 39% chance of winning vs Fl State since we are at home and Fl State isn't as good so far as I thought they would be. Figured they would be top 10 team all year long. Some great games in Wbb on Sat including Maryland vs Ohio State. PAC 12 is a fun conference to watch. A lot of good players and competitive teams. I live out here so am able to see a lot of games. Wish ACC had there own network. PAC 12 carries lots of WBB. Com'on Cards!!!

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