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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Catching up with...Softball, Lacrosse and Volleyball -- Saturday CARDINAL COUPLE


Ol' Paulie's been a busy boy over the past 48 hours with things in addition to women's basketball...getting interviews with Softball Head Coach Sandy Pearsall, Lacrosse Head Coach Kellie Young and attending the Volleyball 2015-16 banquet. Let's catch up with what's happening with these three sports...


One of the reasons I enjoy interviewing Sandy Pearsall so much is the concise but totally spontaneous way she presents the program. It's almost like an improv act at a nightclub...she easily rolls with whatever direction the conversation goes and questions that are presented.  

Softball gets it started in Corpus Christi in 36 days and Coach is looking forward to get team practices started on Monday. Individual practices to date with the squad has brought some delights and some things  The team this year is a combination of several team leaders from last season, a solid nucleus of role players from 2015 and a mix of promising incoming freshmen and transfers. 

Who should we keep an eye on beginning in Feburary? Maryssa Becker, possibly the best pitcher in the ACC, is back for her junior season and had been a hands-on, team leader in fall ball and the off-season. Hailey Smith returns at third base, with a healed shoulder and renewed energy. Morgan Meyer has stepped up and caught the coaches eye and everyone's favorite slap-hitter, speed merchant Jordan McNary returns as an ever-present threat at bat and on the bases. The outfield has speed and power and the freshmen are fulfilling needed roles quite capably.

Be sure to catch the full and exclusive interview with Coach Pearsall this morning on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.



One of the first things that you notice when you walk into  Kellie Young's office is the massive white-board by the south window that is filled with notes, processes, phrases and game-time strategies....all filled out in several different magic marker colors. Coach nods approvingly when you compliment her on the manifesto. 

" I like to be an organized person. This board helps me stay that way." 

Beyond the board in the distance is the brand new press box that sits behind the west sidelines. 

" We're so happy to have this amazing press box for the support staff and media and it'll give them a chance to do their work in comfort if the weather conditions aren't ideal." 

There are changes abound in the decor of the Lacrosse offices and hallways as well, but not so many changes in the Lacrosse team makeup that fared well last year and made yet another NCAA appearance. 

Back are attackers Kaylin Morissette, Cortnee Daley and Hannah Kolowski and solid defenders Heidi Smith, Steph McNamara and Emily Howell when official practice starts on Wednesday. Combined with other returnees from 2015 and a stellar freshman class, Young has the weapons and talent to compete successfully in the toughest lacrosse conference in the universe. 

It all gets underway Saturday, Feb 6th. when Marquette comes to town. Be sure to catch our great interview with Coach Young this morning on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR. 



Louisville Volleyball celebrated the 2015 season Friday night at the PNC CLUB at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and a overflowing crows of over 250 people spent an enjoyable three hours taking in the event.

Cardinal P.A. announcer extraordinaire Sean Moth performed the emcee duties in the unique, delightful and slightly irreverent way only he can and I was fortunate to be seated at a table which included The Cardinal Newspaper Volleyball columnist Noah Allison, players Ashley Pettibone and Eleni Georgiafandis, her parents, Sports Information staffer Taylor Sherrill and Coordinator of Facilities & Game Operations Stanley Hall

The pre-dinner conversation was entertaining and informative....Ashley remembering that I interviewed her at last year's banquet and Stanley laying out to us what all was involved in moving a playing floor from one facilities to another. The food was a step above the usual banquet fare and the cheesecake delicious. 

Janelle Jenkins provided the invocation and after the meal the seniors present (Katie George and Roxanne McVey) address the audience. Both are naturals at public speaking and regaled the audience with personal glimpses into the life of a college student-athlete. 

George was also awarded the GPA Award and accepted while mentioning she had forgot to thank her parents during her senior speech. (Her mom reminded her). 

The Courtney Robison Award...with Courtney on hand to present it...went to Roxanne McVey. She's headed to LSU next season as a graduate student and will get a chance to play sand volleyball for a season. 

Anne Kordes
provided a great review of the season, players and all involved with Louisville Volleyball during her keynote address. Her poignant, thoughtful times... humorous recounting of the season was a great insight into just what is involved to create a successful program. 

The evening ended with the players gathering around the ACC Championship Trophy for photo opportunities. Worldwide and I were able to get a great couple of interview minutes with assistant coach Alex Wilharm that we'll play on the radio show today. 

Sadly, I didn't get a repeat interview with the beautiful Pettibone...she's a popular teammate and I couldn't get within 10 feet of her after the proceedings with all the selfies and chatter going on.

Maybe that was by design...not many can handle repeats of the pressures plus unpredictability of a Paulie interview. 

Nevertheless, a great night celebrating and chronicling the unforgettable season Louisville Volleyball had and the bright future ahead for Kordes' Killers...and a sincere thanks to Anne for inviting us attend and be a part of it. 

I headed to the car a bit weary at 9 p.m...aided by the timely and clutch reminder from Stanley that I was headed to an elevator that was out-of-order...



We'll be broadcast The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour this morning at 11 a.m. from the cozy confines of the Crescent Hill Radio studios and have a great show planned for you.

Hoops, Volleyball, Softball and Lacrosse. All four of the major food groups and no calories at all!

Paige Sherrard promises to stop in and break down Carinal women's basketball past, present and future and we have great audio from Sandy Pearsall, Kellie Young, Jeff Walz, Myisha Hines-Allen, Briahanna Jackson, Alex Wilharm and the founding fathers of the constitution. 

(OK, we don't have audio from the founding fathers...but it's still gonna be a great show!) 

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  1. Marketing once again blows an opportunity to let the women's fans bond. Why not open the arena 30 minutes early and show the first 1/2 of the men's 12:00 game on the big screen. Would be a great group activity as those coming to the game are already making the decision to either miss or to tape the men's game so why not take advantage of this free opportunity.

  2. They open the doors at noon. Maybe they will have the game on in the bars and hallways.


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