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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to Cardinal Couple

Thanks for stopping by to check out this bold venture from Sonja and I. It's a blog that will mostly cover UofL athletics, especially women's sports. It will also delve into horse racing, human interest stories and the occasional parody. Whether anyone reads it or not remains to be seen but it should prove to be fun.

For those who don't know, we are Sonja and Paul Sykes. You may have seen our writing at UofL Card Game, the Rivals boards or Cardinal Dominance websites. Rest assured, those won't stop. This is just a venue to put somethings that don't make it to those websites. I will comment that we've stopped posting over at Cardinal Dominance but we both highly recommend the site and urge you to read it, reply to it and support our good friend Shannon's site. In addition, Sonja has been offered a spot at one of the largest University of Louisville sports websites on the internet. She hasn't accepted yet...many details to be worked out. So, this may eventually be a site run pretty much by me...which will have readers running toward the hills with their hands over their eyes and babbling incoherently in tongues. Or not.

Enjoy. Come often and feel free to comment. We'll see how it goes and how well we can keep the blog maintained and informative. We'll have the first official topic post on here later today. At least I got the first official post. We have to mud wrestle to see who gets the honor of submitting it...She's a 9/5 favorite...


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