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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More bad news for the Lady Cards

When it rains, it pours. The NCAA has decided not to grant UofL center Chauntise Wright her final sememster of elgibility. Jeff Walz did all he could but they can be real bastards up there at the four letter institution. She is expected to remain on the bench for support and is on course to get her degree.

Before you get up and pour a drink over this one...sit back down and get ready for another body punch. Freshmen guard Nikki Burton will be out the next three weeks with a hip injury. Rehab for the supposed strain hasn't got it done and a MRI revealed an injury. Minimum of three weeks rest. OK, now go pour a double.

This is slowly becoming the season from hell for the Lady Cards.

Thank you, Chauntise for all the wonderful memories and hours of hard work you've put into the program. Just won't seem the same for me without the "big battleship" cruising down the court on her way to an easy two or shot rejection. You'll always be one of my favorites, Tise...because of the battles you won on and off the court.

Get well Nikki. Maybe we should replace the national anthem before the games with the theme song from "MASH".


  1. They sank our battleship.....

  2. That completely sucks! Not that I looked forward to her muscling up on our posts, but what in the nine classical circles of Dante's Inferno was their reasoning for denying her eligibility? :( for y'all.

  3. She came to Louisville in 2005 but wasn't elgible to get on the court until the second semester. Shethen played her soph. and junior years and sat out last season because of injury. She themn played the fall sememster of this season and according to the NCAA she had used up all the time allowed to her, even though she was only actually on the court for six semesters. Louisville filed an appeal to get her elgible for the second sememster but it wasn't allowed. Something to do with the rules on academic non-qualifiers. Baffles me still.


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