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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anyone for Tennis? / Cardinal hoops tonite!

It might be just a little too cool and breezy for knocking the ball around on the outdoor courts but the action inside the Bass-Rudd tennis is red hot. The University of Louisville women's tennis team recently skunked Morehead State 7-0 Sunday and handled Bowling Green 5-2 on Saturday. The Cards are 2-0 in the dual match part of the tennis season.

The tennis season is one of the longest seasons played by any of the athletic teams of the University of Louisville. They begin play in mid September and take part in invitationals and tournaments until mid November. Then, after a 2 month break, they go into matches directly against other schools until mid April. The Big East Tournament and the NCAA Tournament follows after that.

Unlike many other Big East sports, the member schools do not have to play each conference opponent. In's quite the opposite. Louisville only faces DePaul, Marquette and Cincinnati in the regular season and they play eighteen other non-conference opponents before the Big East tournament. A schedule Rick Pitino would undoubtably love...

Amelia Harris and Stefanie Villajuan are the Cards #1 doubles team and Sarah Miller and Mandy Brown the #1 and #2 singles players. Head coach Mark Beckham is in his second season leading the team. He was an assistant coach for the men's team at UofL for 12 years.

The Cards host Eastern Kentucky next...a noon match Friday at the Bass-Rudd Tennis Complex.

Tennis. Another sport with a net. Interested, Gwen Rucker? You could be the next Venus Williams in waiting...


Basketball returns to Freedom Hall Tuesday night for the Lady Cards. They host Notre Dame at 7 p.m. The Irish come to Louisville after a sound thumping on the road from #1 UConn Saturday night. No doubt they'll be ready to show that the #3 ranking they had prior to the debacle in Hartford was not an overrating, despite the UConn fan chants at the end of that game. UConn simply shut down the Irish in the first 10 minutes of the game and proved that they are miles ahead of any other women's college basketball program this year.

The Irish are quick, deep and talented. Although most of their starting lineup is veteran and experienced, freshman guard Skylar Diggins is having a break out first year for head coach Muffet McGraw, who is one of the most likeable and knowledgable in the business.

Barlow, Peters, Schrader, Lechlitner, Bruszewski, Williamson...seems like these girls have been at Notre Dame forever. Another night where UofL can expect the full court, trapping pressure.

Here's hoping the Cards can keep it close. Paul will be at the game and do the recap. I'll be following the action from work on the radio and my buddies Jim Kelch and Adrienne Johnson.

Written by Sonja


  1. Leaving for the Hall in a few hours and wondering if the cards have a realistic chance in this one tonight. Would be a good night to sit at the media table and watch this one noncommittingly instead of with the die hard Lady Cards fans that surround me.

    Hopin' for a miracle, searchin' for a rainbow. Whatever happened to the Marshall Tucker band, anyway?

  2. When we socialize the next time, I need to tell you my Marshall Tucker story about why those crosses are on the corner of New Cut and Old 3rd, in front of the bank.

    Nah. You need to be with your troops in the stands. Like in baseball for me, I will spend some time in the press box, but mostly out with my "peeps".

    I am a fan first, media second.

    BTW Paul, you are on the updated list for baseball media this year I just submitted yesterday, and man, thanks for the site link.

    Site is looking good, and the content is great.

    Nikki and I miss you two, and if we do not hook up soon for some fellowship, I am going to set one of your taxus bushes aflame, and take my chances on Andre the Giant coming out with his hedge clippers to retaliate, led by his team of devil-dog Yorkies........:->

    I may not be able to whip Paul, but dammit I can run faster than him!

  3. I'm going out to find leopard pants suits for the Yorkies this morning. After that, a stop by the UofL women's basketball office with a bottle of Captain Morgan. With Syracuse coming to town Saturday to face Walz and the Cards with their guerilla tactics and Big East football style of basketball coming up, it's high time Walz, Shelby Harper and I sat down and get liquored up. What could be more exciting than a 5'4" point guard barreling down the court with the Captain piped aboard?

    Next patron saint for Catholicism. Jeff Walz.

  4. LOL! I have that print, I swear to God, in the dog's cage, from a pillow we bought for him at like Pet Smart, Feeder's Supply or somewhere.

    Lil' Miss Muffet looks good going all jungle on us.

    I go through mid-life crisis, and I buzz my hair off, and wear jorts. Miss Muffet just lets the leopard scarf do all the work......

    I am positive they have that print in bulk at local A. J. Wright stores and Big


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