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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Villanova tonight for Lady Cards

The beleagured Wildcats stumble into Freedom Hall with no wins in Big East play yet. Much like Louisville, starters sidelined with injuries and lack of depth at key spots. Nova head coach Harry Peretta will have them ready to roll though you can rest assured.

For Louisville, not necessarily a "must win" but one the Lady Cards can ill afford to let slip by. You try to grab the home ones when you can.

It is up to you to get them home tonight with a "W". Paul and I will not be in attendance for tonight's action. A planned trip to Nashville to spend some important time with the brood while a minor surgery goes down. Nothing to worry about.

Following the action tonight via internet since 790 WKRD doesn't reach this far.
Will utilize the resources at hand...setting up a court visualization mock up with my two yorkies playing at the guard positions, two of the grandkids on the front line and Paul in the post as I shout out instructions to them on the living room floor while I monitor GameTracker. Funny, Paul doesn't look a thing like Keisha Hines...nor can he nove as fast as her. Scooter can't go to her left very well, but J.P. is a beast from the perimeter of the hallway. As soon as they're done running laps this morning, we'll have a chalk board talk.

Game on. Get it done, Cards.

Written by Sonja


  1. Sonja,

    If I were you, I would play Paul and Co. in the zone a lot this evening......

    But be sure to watch Paul for 3 second violations, and I am not talking about in the bedroom either......:->

    How many players do we have tonight?

    Are we in double-digits in healthy players again yet?

  2. Cards should have nine dressed out and ready for action. That is if Rachel Story is on the bench. She's needed because of lack of depth (like none) at point. She served the one game suspension for the Georgetown fight.

    We'll see if she is suited up tonight.

    Paul suggested that I get Tise to sub for him. We're going to put a blonde wig on her, introduce her as foreign transfer student Chantilly Lace and see if we get her four more years.


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