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Friday, January 22, 2010

The road continues for the Lady Cards

A Saturday afternoon Big East game for Jeff Walz and the Lady Cards. Syracuse coming in, physical and tenacious as any opponent the Cards will meet this year. They had their ups and downs this year...a big win over Rutgers a few back and then two unexpected losses afterwards.

Know this...the Orange come into Freedom Hall knowing that it is time to get back on the winning track. They realize, like Louisville does, that every Big East contest is a battle...all teams looking to secure and gain the spot behind all powerful UConn. No one looks forward to facing them in the regular season...much less in the first round of the Big East tourney. Best to stay out of their bracket when tournament time rolls around. Wins equal security.

The Cards go into the game at less than full strength. Down to nine bodies in uniform, several with pains and injuries and they remain a very young and learning squad. Playmakers...for sure...but little relief available on the bench.

Rapidly coming to the time of season when the wins and losses add up. For Louisville, with two wins and three losses in Big East play, a game that they need to win on their home court. For those of you who attend the Lady Cards games at Freedom Hall, you know well the importance of fan support. You've seen over the last several years how the team responds to your cheers, your support and enthusiasm.

Your best is needed tomorrow. Time to reinforce the support and love for a team that is potentially teetering on the edge. Together, we can get it done. They expect nothing less..time to be there for them.

Tipoff is at 2 p.m. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

Written by Sonja 1/23/10

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  1. Hey Couple!

    Are you guys going to the Cuse game I assume?

    Well I think Terry, Nikki, and I are going, with maybe more.

    Be cool to hook up with you guys, and fellowship some.


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