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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coach "Q" is OK.

(Coach "Q" signals touchdown in a game obviously not in Freedom Hall. The fourth year Syracuse women's basketball coach is fine after slumping to the Freedom Hall floor yesterday)

It was a scary moment in Freedom Hall. 5:36 to go in the game, the Cards inbounding the ball from underneath the Syracuse basket and then the action stops. Officials and the Syracuse coaching staff rushes to the end of the scorers' table. My attention, focused on how the Orange were going to defend Keisha Hines at the other end of the court. I asked Paul what happened. He tersely replies that Hillsman just went to the floor. Action stops. A dead silent Freedom Hall. Syracuse players circled at the free throw line, hands prayer. A very nervous time. The last time I've heard Freedom Hall that quiet was when Luke Whitehead landed on his head several years ago.

Coach 'Q" is OK. Commented last night that he had never experienced anything like that before. Felt a little light headed and then the next thing he remembers...20 people are standing over him. And, he doesn't even play for the Chicago Bears.

I've had my cross to bear with Hillsman in the past but that's over. I saw the warm and friendly chat "Q" and Louisviile coach Jeff Walz had before the game. If it's over between them...same here. Never delay gratitude.

Syracuse assistant coach Rick Moody, who handled the post game interviews and radio show for Hillsman Saturday joked:

"I think he overdid it. He was guarding (Syracuse guard Erica) Morrow one on one Friday in practice. He's too old to be doing that stuff."

"Q"'s defense must have helped Morrow shake the shooting slump she had been in. She torched the Cards with 23 points and 5 connections from beyond the arc.

Glad your OK, Coach Q. He's having a follow up examination Monday. He praised the Louisville physicians that gave him a full inspection, including a mini EKG moments after his collapse. And, next time you decide to be dramatic in Freedom Hall, return to the show you put on for the fans two years ago after the game. Yesterday was much too scary for those of us there. Good guys are hard to come by and it looks like you've turned into one. We need all of those we can get in the Big East.

Written by Sonja

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