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Tuesday, January 9, 2024


As Case mentioned yesterday, Louisville women's basketball had the weekend off from regulation play. Outside of WBB, there's not much happening in the realm of Louisville women's athletics.

In the ACC world, lawsuits between the conference and Florida State regarding football-related activities continue. The ACC looks to add Stanford, California, and Southern Methodist (SMU) effective next season, but it appears a few schools are hoping to depart elsewhere in the coming months or years pending litigation and contract buyouts.

So, while we have our 15-team conference for now, let's have some ACC trivia! For this trivia, we do recognize Notre Dame as the 15th member of the conference.

1. How many total states are represented in the ACC?
A. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 11

2. Three states have multiple ACC schools. What are those three states?
A. Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina
B. North Carolina, Georgia, New York
C. Florida, Indiana, Massachussetts
D. Florida, Virginia, North Carolina

3. Six ACC schools have the state they reside in in their name. What are those six schools? For example, the Big Ten would have schools such as Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan as some for their conference.

4. Four ACC schools have the city they reside in located in their name. What are those five schools? For example, Stanford University is located in Stanford, California. Note: While the University of North Carolina is sometimes referred to as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we are not including that in the questionnaire.

5. Which ACC school has both male and female mascots?
A. Boston College
B. NC State
C. Miami
D. Duke

6. Only one ACC school has a mascot that the person dressed as the mascot shows their face. The rest have hoods or masks on. Which school has the mascot that you can see the person? Note: Florida State does not have a mascot for non-football sanctioned events so the Seminole mascot is not included in this question.
A. Notre Dame
B. Syracuse
C. Wake Forest
D. Virginia Tech

7. Which ACC school has the smallest enrollment?
A. Louisville
B. Florida State
C. Georgia Tech
D. Wake Forest

8. Which ACC school has the largest enrollment?
A. Notre Dame
B. Boston College
C. Miami
D. Georgia Tech

9. How many ACC schools have orange as one of their primary or secondary colors?
A. 8
B. 5
C. 2
D. 1

10. Three ACC schools have mascots that do not end in the letter "S". What are those three schools?
A. Louisville, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech
B. Boston College, Clemson, Wake Forest
C. Notre Dame, NC State, Syracuse
D. Florida State, Miami, North Carolina

11. Which ACC school is the oldest?
A. Pittsburgh
B. North Carolina
C. Clemson
D. Louisville

12. Which ACC school is the youngest?
A. Virginia
B. Clemson
C. Notre Dame
D. Miami

13. Which school is the most recent to join the ACC?
A. Clemson
B. Duke
C. Louisville
D. NC State

14. Seven schools founded the original ACC on May 8, 1953. Which of these schools is not a founding member?
A. North Carolina
B. NC State
C. Duke
D. Georgia Tech

15. Which two founding members have since left the ACC?
A. Cincinnati and West Virginia
B. South Carolina and Maryland
C. Florida and LSU
D. Coastal Carolina and Maine

Feeling pretty confident with your answers? Let's see how you did!

Question 1 - C. 10. The current states represented in the ACC include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachussetts.

Question 2 - D. Florida, Virginia, North Carolina. Florida has Florida State and Miami. Virginia has Virginia and Virginia Tech. North Carolina has North Carolina, Duke, NC State, and Wake Forest.

Question 3 - University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Florida State University, North Carolina State University (NC State), and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Question 4 - University of Louisville (Louisville, KY), Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina), Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York), and University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). This one is tricky because the University of Miami is actually located in Coral Gables, Florida which is about 15 minutes from Miami, Florida.

Question 5 - B. NC State. The NC State Wolfpack have Mr. Wuf and Ms. Wuf. Paulie and Ms. Wuf are good friends and are often seen taking pictures together down at the ACC Tournament.

Question 6 - A. Notre Dame. While mascots such as Louie require someone to be fully inside a costume, the leprechaun only requires a green and gold suit and a beard.

Question 7 - D. Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons currently have an enrollment of 8,789.

Question 8 - D. Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets currently have an enrollment of 47,961.

Question 9 - B. 5. Syracuse, Clemson, Miami, Virginia, and Virginia Tech all consider orange as one of their primary or secondary colors.

Question 10 - C. Notre Dame, NC State, Syracuse. Notre Dame is the Fighting Irish, NC State is the Wolfpack, and Syracuse is the Orange. Fun fact: Syracuse moved away from the name Orangemen and Orangewomen in 2004 after Nike advised them to do so.

Question 11 - Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh was founded in 1787. North Carolina is the second oldest school, being founded in 1789. Louisville is the only other school to be founded in the 1700s, opening its doors in 1798.

Question 12 - D. Miami. The University of Miami was founded in 1925. The Hurricanes will celebrate their centennial on April 8, 2025.

Question 13 - C. Louisville. The University of Louisville officially joined the ACC on July 1, 2014. The year prior, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Notre Dame joined the ACC.

Question 14 - D. Georgia Tech. While Virginia was the first non-founding member to join the ACC just seven months after the ACC was formed, Georgia Tech did not join the conference until 1979. There are some who still argue that Virginia is a founding member because they joined in 1953, the original founding year.

Question 15 - B. South Carolina and Maryland. South Carolina left the ACC in 1971 and is currently a part of the SEC. Maryland left the ACC in 2014 and is currently a part of the Big Ten.

How did you do? Is your ACC knowledge still up-to-date? ACC membership will extend to 18 schools effective the 2024-2025 season.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!

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