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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Patrika Barlow still belting them out -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE



(Barlow in 2023)

Think back a couple of decades if you will. George W. Bush was running for President again in 2004. We were "Lean(ing) back" with Fat Joe and the Black Eyed Peas were ready to "Get it Started:. 

And Patrika Barlow was leaving Barren County High School to come play basketball at UofL for Tom Collen...Jeff Walz was still an assistant at Maryland. Barlow, a 5'7" guard would play for the Cards for four years and then switch over and play softball for Louisville. Barlow hadn't played the sport since her sophomore year in high school. Nevertheless,  Cards head softball coach Sandy Pearsall saw a lot there. 

"She puts in a lot of hours to make sure she's successful at it." Pearsall commented. "She's a very hard worker." Barlow took over right field in 2009, The point-guard, assist-maker actually had to try out for Pearsall's squad, but was welcomed with open arms and actually cracked a lineup that had gone to the NCAA Tournament a year ago. 

(Barlow in 2009)

Let's jump forward to 2023. And guess who's still playing softball? That's right. Patrika Barlow. She's on the 2023 USA Women's slow pitch National team. The speed of the ball may differ a lot from when it leaves the circle, but the basic tenants of the game remain the same. Most runs win, You gotta field well and have a strong arm, hit well and ove on the basepaths.  

Team USA won't play in the Louisville area during their preparations, but will visit Evansville. 

20+ years of softball and not quite 40 yet. It's an amazing stat. I think back to me...20 years ago...I was still playing slow pitch softball but nowhere near the speed, agility and stamina I had in my 20's. I could still "give the ball a ride to fence city and beyond" but I was no Golden Glove. And this was just Catholic league, co-ed rec. softball...pretty much a "beer" league. Barlow is still doing it at the highest level possible in slow-pitch.  

We applaud the determination, desire, skill-set and success Barlow is still having. Determination and the rewards one can reap from the success of your efforts is a wonderful thing to behold and to see a Cards great still having success 20 years after her  college days is golden. It's an inspiration, indeed, and a wonderful story. 

For a good read on Team USA softball, follow the link below: 



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  1. Wow that's Amazing, thanks for sharing this. Go Cards


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