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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Fall Schedules Start to Appear -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Field Hockey Schedule

Among the many topics we briefly covered in the CCRHP yesterday, one of the comments was that we should expect to start seeing fall schedules be available in a few weeks.

While other sports had our attention drawn with personnel changes, and media availabilities during the day that are inconvenient for "not-our-day-job"  media like here at CC, Field Hockey has been flying a little bit under the radar.

Of course, Case did cover, in yesterday's article, various academic honors, which includes Field Hockey as well as some of them being involved in Team USA workouts.

The FH program, however, quietly went and dropped it's fall schedule into the UofL Athletics calendar without any fanfare.  Be careful if you go to look at it, it's only on the composite calendar, not on Field Hockey's specific calendar, yet.

Let's run it down.

Field Hockey and Soccer are always the early birds, duking it out to see who has the first event of the season.  Field Hockey's entrant this year is an August 18th event against Bellarmine at Trager Stadium.  They also opened last year's season against the Knights, and I, for one, will be quite content if they continue this as an ongoing tradition.  A quick turn around that weekend as they head up to Athens, OH to play the Ohio Bobcats at noon on the 20th.

They nicely bookend the next weekend with games against Northeastern and Northwestern.  Northeastern comes to Trager at 5pm on the 25th, and UofL travels to Evanston for an 11am start against Northwestern on the 27th.

Last year, UPenn and Princeton were on the schedule, but they played in Chapel Hill, they play again this year, but in Philadelphia this time, presumably at UPenn.  Princeton is first up at 11am on Sept. 1, and UPenn at 1:30pm on Sunday the 3rd.

Welcome Ohio State and VCU on September 8th and 10th at 6pm and noon.  Football has a Thursday night home game, maybe this will be a weekend when all the squads are at home?

Conference play starts on Sept. 15th with a visit to UNC in Chapel Hill with a 3pm start.  The squad gets an off Sunday this weekend.

James Madison is making the drive over on I-64 (well, the first 30 miles or so are I-81, but it's I-64 the whole rest of the way).  They'll be here Friday, Sept. 22nd for a 5pm start. It seems a bit ridiculous, but to fly from Louisville to Harrisonville, VA, you have to go through Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit or Newark.  Again, no Sunday tilt this weekend, but there is an unusual Tuesday event Miami (OH) in Oxford, OH.  That is the 26th of September at 2pm.

UVA really does take I-64 the whole way, with their visit to Trager starting at 3pm on Friday Sept. 29th.  Once again, no Sunday event for the weekend.  They make up for it starting with a fairly rapid fire set of games starting with Wake Forest on Friday, October 6th at 6pm at Trager, followed by Central Michigan on Sunday the 8th for a noon start, also at Trager.  The Hoosiers come calling on Tuesday the 10th at noon.  Just three days later, they're back out on the road to Durham to Pam Bustin and Dukies.  The first pass back will be at 4pm on a spooky Friday the 13th.  The team will get more of a break, but not before coming back home to host Iowa at Trager on Sunday the 15th at noon.

Friday the 20th will be in-conference again, with Syracuse visiting Floyd Street kicking off the event at 6pm, and the 22nd welcomes Appalachian State for a noon start.

Off to Chestnut Hill where Boston College will, of course, be the opponent on the appointment book at 2pm, October 27th.

That will wrap up the regular season, with the ACC Championship starting Halloween day, which is a Tuesday this year, and it will complete November 3rd.

So there you have it, Field Hockey breaks first out of the gate, and now maybe we can start to look ahead at what Fall is going to bring us with at least some idea of what the season will be like in at least one sport.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

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Another threesome on the CCRHP yesterday, Jared, Paulie, and I held it down and really covered a lot of territory.  Lacrosse, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and yes a little Field Hockey, were all fodder for discussion.

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