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Sunday, June 18, 2023

It's Quiet Out There - Happy Fathers Day -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there.  If you still have your father around, maybe take some time to tell him how much he means to you.  If you are a dad, thanks for all you do for your kids, and I hope you're being the best father you can be.

Quiet, Too Quiet

In Airplane, one of the greatest films of all time...well, maybe that's overdoing it slightly...just before the climax of the film, the character Steve McCroskey, played by the inimitable Lloyd Bridges, comments "Sure is quiet out there." to which Captain Rex Kramer, played by the equally inimitable Robert Stack responds, "Yeah, too quiet."

Yes, the dramatic technique is used in more than just Airplane, of course, it's common enough to have a full TVTropes page about it.  But the notion applies at the moment for UofL Sports.

As far as I can tell, nothing particularly noteworthy happened with UofL Athletics yesterday.  Volleyball is still in Brazil, but have completed all of the matches that they were scheduled to play and are now just sightseeing.

Other sports are holding summer camps where they have the opportunity to teach up and coming players to improve their skills, and, to be sure, evaluate those players' skills and attitudes to play into recruiting decisions.  OK, maybe the emphasis really is more on the evaluation part.

 Recruiting is a thing that is happening across sports, but that all happens kind of "in the background" at this time of year, with nothing really to bring to the pages of Cardinal Couple.

It's tempting to write this period off as unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth, evaluation and recruiting is a critical part of the process of recruiting players to join a sports team, it's just not a very visible part of the process.

I will shout out one clinic that's going on right now, run my Cardinal greats Mykasa Robinson and Peyton Siva Jr., being held at the KFC Yum! Center in conjunction with Norton Sports Performance.  This one is a free clinic, and while I don't have a copy of their agenda of what they'll cover, with Robinson and Siva in charge, I suspect campers will need to bring the Defensive A game.

Cards in the Pros

Let's take a quick look around the Cards in the Pros.  It is father's day, maybe you're taking your day to watch some sports on TV, and if so, here's how you can follow some Cardinals Forever players.

Racing Louisville with Emina Ekic back in action will be playing NJ/NY Gotham today at 4pm.  The game is home, at Lynn Family Stadium downtown, so in-person viewing is certainly possible, though with some air quality issues in Louisville at the moment, and a forecast high of 88, I wouldn't blame you for catching this one on the telly.

In the WNBA, Super Sub Dana Evans and the Chicago Sky will be taking on Myisha Hines-Allen and the Washington Mystics at 3pm.  Streaming for this one is apparently on Twitter.  So that's a new one.  It will be via the WNBA's account at

AD and the Atlanta Dream (and it just struck me that "Atlanta Dream" also abbreviates to "AD") will be playing the not-so-terrible Indiana Fever at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis at 4pm.  CBS Sports will have the video if you don't want to make the drive.

Liz Dixon with the Connecticut Sun head out west to play the Los Angeles Sparks at 7:30pm, streaming on NBA League Pass only.

And for the nightcap, Emily Engstler newly with the Minnesota Lynx will be playing at Las Vegas with a 9pm start.  NBA TV is where you'll be able to find this one.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

Less than a week into his marriage and Jared was back with us on the CCRHP yesterday.  Joined by Paulie and myself, we had a great time discussing the world view of Millenials, and the goings on in Volleyball, Softball, and Women's Basketball.

It is, as always, published as a podcast in all the common podcast directories, but you can find it directly at turned Spotify:

-- JMcA

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