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Wednesday, December 30, 2020


To UNC or not to UNC...that is the question. 

That drive from Chapel Hill to Louisville can be a killer...

The Cardinals first 2021 match has already been postponed.. but it still hasn't been cancelled.  22 hours after UofL announced it has rescheduled its previously Dec13 scheduled matchup with UNC, the TarHeels program announced they were having "traveling issues" and can't make it happen....

 ALL ABOARD the Roller Coaster Express of managing sports during a global pandemic! "We're in!", "We're out." She's here, he's there, ya dee yah! 

In the first Coach's show back since team activities resumed & the Christmas holiday..  Coach Walz mentioned that the first team practice day was on Sunday the 27th. Two-a-days for two days and then once yesterday... He said it was Christmas Eve, he was in church texting with coaches trying to get a game.  

Some quotes from the Coach Walz show Tuesday evening.

I caught the Tuesday evening Jeff Walz Radio Show broadcast, along with several other members of the Cardinal Couple columnists. Here's what I gathered from it. 

On the ups and downs of coaching/operating the program during COVID

In response to what has been anything and everything about this year, Walz said "It's COVID. So much changes in so little time".  

Coach said it was "sad how the league has handled this year (being flexible. But...some coaches have done their best.  Walz is appreciative of how UofL has handled testing/Vince's support and team doctors.  Also got honest and said it was "a little bit embarrassing how some coaches are handling it... "

( Not to point fingers or anything). 

He reiterates that UofL WBB "will continue to fight and battle through this & we will find people who want to play."  Still... not pointing any fingers... 

"That's not my team out there. It's Walz's squad."

Coach went on to answer a caller who asked what the teams been up to over this quarantine Christmas..  In between a couple technical issues with host of the show and voice of the Cards, Nick Curran (which I got a few chuckles out of; not to make fun but it made the show feel more relatable) Coach Walz said that after team activities resumed, 2 players at a time were allowed in the gym; one at each end. Then after about an hour of work the staff would sanitize, 15 min later two more players come in.

Walz also mentioned that the players were conditioning on the lacrosse field. Whether or not the Cards head LAX coach Scott Teeter was watching, looking for a draw control specialist for the 2021 UofL Lacrosse season was undetermined. We'll look into it. 

He also said he that "If you're not laughing and being flexible it can drive you crazy."  

On playing locals like Bellarmine and UK

A caller asked if there was the potential to play Bellarmine, who actually was on the schedule earlier in the season until COVID issues within the BU program..  Walz says that "If there's a date we have open and they have open we would like to make it happen". Same with UK.  He said "teams are allowed to play 25 games this year, 20 of them are conference games.  Is ACC going to reschedule the ACC games? If not, that opens the door for non-conference games.  If so, then there's no room to schedule non-conference games and you don't want to overschedule."  He said he's spent a lot of time on the phone, going through emails.  He actually said this in between yawns. 

A replacement opponent for Jan 1st? 

Walz was getting texts the entire hour-long show.. responding to them in between technical errors and commercial breaks.  At the beginning of the show I noted that he said  "Things are in the works, not 100%.  Hopefully playing on the 1st.  Not sure if it would be at home or away yet".  By the end of it, he left us with this...  

"We are going to be playing January 1. I can't tell you who it is right now. It might not be at home but we're making a conscious effort to get all the home games in this season."  

(Maybe Arica Carter, who is currently playing in Spain, has assembled a group and is trying to get through JFK customs inspections as we speak.)

 Fingers crossed, CardNation! Wednesday is a new day, let's get some good news today! Walz has called a "presser" for 12:30 Wednesday. We may find out who the New Year Day opponent is then.


Walz said that no matter who they play, the team is chomping at the bit to get out there and play again (and that he's) "gotta make sure they're not too excited, relaxed and ready to go".

Be safe and warm out there, y'all.  Go Cards! 



  1. Any idea on who we'll play?

    Nick O.

    1. I'd love a Cards v IU game but doubt that happens. I expect Walz will announce it today in his presser.


  2. So who do Cards WBB play on 1st?

  3. Get out your magic decoder ring and a pencil. It now looks like Louisville won't go to Virginia on Jan 3. They won't play Jan 1 -- home or away -- the next contest would be the third re-schedule against UNC -- on Tuesday Jan 5th at 2 p.m. at the KFC YUM! Center.


    1. Five games and 10 postponements or cancellations. Just shut it down Louisville like Duke did.


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