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Friday, December 11, 2020


 In the category of "What Will They Think Of Next?", the Cardinal Couple crew has asked and received a confirmation that noted local sports writer, huge Cardinal fan, radio star and all-around great person DARYL FOUST will be joining us weekly here on these humble pages.  Today's article is actually being posted by Paulie, since our website and Blogger can't seen to reach an accord on granting Daryl author privileges. I was holding out hope that our I.T. "expert" Worldwide Jeff could solve the riddle, but, it was still INTERNET 1 - JEFF 0 as I went to post this. 

I also ran into trouble posting a certain segment of Daryl's article today and had to leave it out. My apologies. That's was happens when you let the "old guy" do stuff on-line, I suppose. 

We are excited about our addition of Daryl and hope you will be, too! The floor is yours, Daryl! 



Hello again Cardinal Couple faithful!  And happy Friday to ya.

You might’ve heard me on the show once or twice before but this is my first time in print for CC! I’ve bounced around many roles with our favorite university since graduating in 2015 but as of March 12 earlier this year, I had all sport related positions eliminated due to the national pandemic.  I had just finished up my last home games as the light switch operator for Men’s and Women’s games at Yum! At the beginning of March. I also worked as a board operator for CBB games over at 93.9 but when I went in for my shift that night, the tournaments had all been immediately suspended. Therefore, my assistance wasn’t needed to run the board for commercial breaks.  No games being played, no work to be done, and eventually I found myself very unemployed.  Even my full time position had been eliminated.  I just recently, however, returned to my day job but as part time when Paulie reached out to me with an opportunity to write for Cardinal Couple to contribute.  So here I am!!  I’m very happy to have the opportunity to talk about the Cardinals and some games!!

We know things can change at any moment so I am treating every game like it could be the last and I said it before the season got started that I believe this team will also be in that mindset.  2020 has brought a lot of things into a new light for a lot of people.  Including me.

So I hope you are staying safe and warm out there #CardNation, it’s a pleasure to be back.

Today the university announced that it would be honoring the legendary men’s basketball head coach, Denny Crum, by naming the future Athletics dorm to be located across from the practice facility on Floyd Street after him. If you haven’t seen the video announcement AD Vince Tyra shared via Twitter, here it is.

She’s a beaut! Congratulations, Coach Crum.  

For now, the WBB squad looks to move to 6-0 when they welcome a Tobacco Road foe, North Carolina, to town on Sunday afternoon.  Louisville beat UNC 74-67 in Chapel Hill a year ago. Dana, Liz and "E" and Mykasa Robinson are the only players who saw minutes in that matchup and are back for this Sunday’s game.  We will talk more about that on Saturday’s show.

Yesterday the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame recognized Cardinal forever, Jill Morton (1997-2000), when it announced its 18-player Silver Anniversary women's basketball team, recognizing players from the 1996 season.. she became Louisville’s first women's basketball All-American her senior season and was Louisville's first WNBA draft pick, going to the Charlotte Sting with the 34th pick of the 2000 WNBA Draft.

Have a great weekend, Louisvillians.  I look forward to checking back into the airwaves with you on Saturday.. however, I will miss the donuts. 


Go Cards!

o   DARYL 


  1. Welcome to the site Daryl. I hope you have a lot of fun writing here and bring us some great stuff! I enjoy the daily articles here at the site and know you'll be a great contributors.

    I do remember you on the old WCHQ show and hope that wit and humor is still alive and well. I know, it's hard in 2020, but I'm glad to have another writer to look forward to here at the site!

    Curtis :Be Kind" Franklin

  2. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here!

    Let me start by welcoming Daryl to these fine pages! I'm one of the ones who remember you from the old WCHQ show and so happy you've jumped on board the Cardinal Couple writing crew and will be joining the podcast.

    My Clemson Tigers WBB squad is undefeated! We survived a tough one vs. Virginia yesterday, but, got the job done and I'm very proud of these hard working, never say die players that Coach has assembled.

    The ACC is going to be a war this season and I expect we'll give the rest of the conference some very tough battles. I'm not gullible enough to think we'll win the ACC, but, it's good to have a coach and squad that goes out each contest and gives it their all.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Easy to cheer for a team that gives it their all😉

  3. Another voice for the joy and excitement. Carry out your task thoughtfully and with love.

    Blue Lou

  4. Morton shot 53,5% from three point range back in the 1999-2000 season. That led the nation. That also happens to be the first year I saw a UofL WBB game. She was a treat to watch.

    Welcome to Cardinal Couple Daryl. It's a great time to be a WBB fan, especially a Louisville fan. Bring your A game. That is what I like about this site. No arguments, cheap shots or ego. Just good articles.

    Nick O


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