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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

ACC Freshman of the Week -- Schedule Change -- Eyes of the Media -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

 Hailey Van Lith Named ACC Freshman of the Week

Freshman sensation Hailey Van Lith was named ACC Freshman of the Week for the first week of basketball. Van Lith is coming off back-to-back solid performances in her first two games as a Cardinal.  She averaged 16.5 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game.  She also shot 52% from the floor while going 6-for-12 from three-point range.

In the win against EKU, Van Lith posted a double-double with 20 points and 11 rebounds.

HVL is the first Louisville player since February 2016 to win ACC Freshman of the Week.  Asia Durr took the honors back then.

I suspect we will see plenty more honors this season for Van Lith.

UofL WBB Changes Schedule

What a surprise... another schedule change.  This time, it's a good one.  Instead of another team dropping from the schedule we see the addition of another.

DePaul will play the Cards on Dec. 4 in the Mohegan Sun Arena at 6:30 p.m.  The Blue Demons replace UConn on the schedule. DePaul holds the all-time record between the two former Big East foes, 17-15.  They also won the most recent match-up in the second round of the NCAA Tournament in 2016.

The Blue Demons are 1-1 to begin the 2020-21 season. They brought in a strong Texas A&M squad Saturday and fell 93-91. Texas A&M has former Cardinal Ciera Johnson on their roster. She had eight points and 12 boards for the Aggies in their win. 

Last night, DePaul hosted Chicago State. We tease occasionall about the "fake state" schools but last night's game was no laughing matter, they fell 128-66 to Doug Bruno's bunch. It was a all-time high in points scored for the Blue Demons. 

A Home Game in the Eyes of the Media

Paulie and I drop little hints of what it's like being media at women's basketball games on occasion.  However, we never really gave a full breakdown of what goes on.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and prepare to be jealous of our luxurious lifestyle.


Most of us usually arrive about 90 minutes prior to kickoff. Parking for media is in the Witherspoon parking garage east of the stadium.  The walk typically isn't bad unless the weather is extremely cold.

Paulie got granted permission to park under the KFC YUM! Center this year. Age comes with some benefits, I suppose. Sonja is usually with him, she seems to be more popular than him with the KFC YUM! personnel and UofL staffers. 

We enter on the east side of the stadium (the Media Entrance)  below the Second Street Bridge.  Like everyone else, we go through metal detectors and bag checks.  We have more leeway with our bags because we carry equipment such as computers, tablets, and cameras If we do not already have a season credential with us we are able to pick up game passes just past security.

There is a spacious media area filled with tables, chairs, and counters.  It's easy to spread out to put our equipment down.  There is a buffet with freshly cooked food for us to enjoy and drinks galore. That buffet isn't present this year, though, due to gathering concerns. Paulie and I both head out to the floor somewhere between 30-45 minutes before tipoff.  We like to make our rounds to talk to people.  Being a social butterfly has its perks, but you also have to account for the time it may take to get there.

Floor seats are nice in terms of seeing things up close and hearing what goes on on the court.  However, it's impossible to see everything going on on the court at any given moment. Halftime is a chance for us to go back to the media room to grab cookies and more drinks and stretch our legs. I should point out that it's soft drinks or water. Media isn't allowed alcoholic beverages at their game day stations.

At the end of the game we make our way to the room where press conferences are held.  In normal times, there's a few rows of seats with all the news crews set up in the back with their video cameras.  On any given night we may see from a half dozen people up to 30 (for big games) fill the room where the coaches and select players make their way out to answer questions. Paulie will sometimes stop to talk to a player or two on his way back to the media room. He and Jess Laemmle used bumped firsts and he and Dana have been known to exchange a few comments as she heads to her corner to sign autographs. 

Paulie usually heads home after the press conferences while I stick around trying to upload videos and edit photos, which usually extends late into the night or next day.


This season is way different.

I show up 50-60 minutes before tipoff.  From the moment I enter the building to the moment I exit a mask is required. Security remains the same, but the media room is vastly different.  There's fewer tables and chairs are spread out.  There are very few of us inside the media room this year.

Unlike past years, there is no buffet and drinks are limited to when a staff member is there pouring them for us. We are restricted where we can walk to and all non-photographers have to sit in the upper level overflow media.  This season, Paulie and Sonya are part of a very limited media crew that now sits in the overflow media seating....high up in Sec. 119. 

I am still on the floor where I normally sit, just mostly by myself.  Taris Smith is one of the GoCards photographers who will be at the games this year.  Opposing teams may bring a photographer.  Otherwise, I am the only other one out there.

It is going to be a weird season, but what's new? Welcome to 2020.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. Van Lith is all that.

    I opted out of seats this year, been putting in 50+ hours a week at the store and mostly sleep, eat and watch TV when I'm Off. Yeah, I'm Mr Excitement. Are DePaul and/or UTM going to be on TV or it is an internet setup?

    Curtis "Be Lind" Franklin

    1. The DePaul game is an ESPN game. Friday at 6:30 p.m. No listing on UTM yet, my guess is either ACCNX or ESPN+ on-line.


  2. Interesting to note that the Louisville game will be the first game of the season for UTM. They were scheduled to start at Samford on Dec 8th.

    Blue Lou


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