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Sunday, December 20, 2020

PAUSING, ROWING and PODCAST -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Still Pausing


It sure would be nice to be previewing a matchup with Miami, today, but of course that's not happening due to the Covid instigated pause in operations for Louisville Women's Basketball.

There was a Men's Basketball game that happened yesterday, but....I'm not going to touch that with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

Mostly we sit quietly, waiting and hoping we don't see the basketball on the hardwood picture again that is apparently the bringer-of-game-postponements.  As of this writing, the Duke game on December 31st is still on and played, but it's still a week and a half to play, and Duke is also in a Covid pause, so we watch and wait, and wonder if we'll be playing the 2nd half of a very drawn out double-header, or if we just go ahead and put a wrap on 2020, look towards Virginia on January 3rd of 2021 and hope for better.

Rowing News

There is still some news to share, though.

Rowing announced their "2020-2021" schedule.  It is a bit of an odd moniker for the schedule to be announcing the last two weeks of 2020 and with no events actually occurring in 2020, but Rowing schedules are typically spread over two calendar years, so they're sticking with that manner of labelling, and, sure, we can work with that.

They'll start out February 19th-20th in Dallas, hosted by SMU, in an event limited to only the fours boats.  Next they'll take the first of two trips to Oak Ridge, TN, the first is a training trip for the squad from March 3rd-7th.  They'll come back to Louisville for a bit less than a week, then head back to the mountains of eastern Tennessee for the Oak Ridge Cardinal Invite, March 13th-14th.  This is the event that UofL hosts every year, a big 12-team regatta that gets a lot of attention and great competition.

Next up, they'll meet Notre Dame halfway, in Indianapolis for a single day on March 27th to close out a busy March.

Another trip down I-75 to Oak Ridge is in the cards for April 10th-11th for the B1G Invitational.  This event will have all of the B1G competitors, plus invited guests and UofL got one of the golden tickets.

Months starting with "M" seem to get jam packed.  With warmer weather hopefully arriving, the Cards will venture further north, to Ann Arbor, MI to meet up with Michigan to start the month on the 1st-2nd

Then championship season arrives.  The ACC Championship kicks off May 14th-15th, hosted by Clemson, in Clemson, and the NCAA post-season competition is listed on May28th-30th with no location listed.

This looks like a good season with some strong competition for a Cardinals program that continues to grow and compete at higher and higher levels every year.  In a crazy year of dealing with a pandemic, the Rowing schedule looks delightfully normal, and given the nature of the sport, may be some of the most "normal looking" events on the sports calendar for the academic year.  Here's to hoping that the season goes off without a hitch and we see more success for this squad.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour extension has been completed, and it was filled up yesterday with a full five participants.  Case, Daryl, Jared, Paulie, and myself were all online and participating, and fun was had, as always.

We talked more about the pause, tried to divine whether this Duke game will happen, and how much practice teams really need when returning from a pause before trying to get back into playing games.  It's Christmas week, and we took some time to celebrate some Christmas favorites...movies, songs and food.

Check it out!


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